If after reading our post on Black Instagram influencers to follow, you’re looking to add more travel inspiration to your social media feed, then you’re in luck! We’ve put together a list of Black TikTok travel influencers that will spark a feeling of wanderlust in you.

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Jeff Jenkins, @chubbydiaries

@chubbydiaries Let’s jump in and show you what makes train travel so great for all body sizes 🚞 💨 #traintravel #travelbytrain #plussizelife #plussizelove #trains ♬ original sound - Jeff Jenkins

Jeff Jenkins is an influencer from Orlando, FL who strives to encourage his fellow plus size travelers to take the leap into the world of traveling. Through his TikTok channel, he shares his adventures and gives tips on how to travel when plus size (such as most size-inclusive destinations, which airlines accommodate passengers who may need extra room, etc.). If you want to see more of Jeff, then head on over to Nat Geo or Disney+ for his new 8-episode show, Never Say Never with Jeff Jenkins, airing on July 9, 2023.

Efe Agege, @f_ayee

@f_ayee Reply to @j_curlz3 go hiking in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains at your own risk, i swear 😂🚨 #blackgirlstraveltoo #blackgirlstraveling #blackgirltraveltok #travelingwhileblack #blacktraveler ♬ We Caa Done (feat. Drake) - Popcaan & Drake

Efe is an attorney and travel influencer who documents her adventures abroad while also working as a young professional. Her TikTok is full of colorful videos highlighting her travel destinations day by day, alongside the occasional fitness-related clip. Whether you’re looking to stay fit at home or while on vacation, her videos will encourage you to live your healthiest and most adventurous life.

Ashley Abrihet, @minnielist

@minnielist Pov: You always wanted to go on a safari in Africa, and you finally did. #blackgirltravel #solotravel #solowomentravel #blackgirlluxury ♬ original sound - sped up afrobeats

Ashley is a travel and lifestyle influencer who focuses on adventure and manifestation. She posts videos on TikTok about her experiences solo traveling as a Black woman and shares tips for her viewers on how to do so safely. If you want to see where she’s jetsetting next, give her a follow!

Saint, @saintsw0rld

@saintsw0rld Costa Rica is always a go to place I recommend people visiting especially if traveling solo. The people will embrace you and make your experience dope. It’s so many different things you can do there so it’s something for everyone. And I didn’t mention it here but the food is 🔥👌🏾 #costarica #puravida #tiktoktravel #blacktravel #solotravel ♬ Poetic Justice - Instrumental - Prod. Dior

Saint is a man of many hats: He’s an artist, travel influencer, and travel photographer - and that’s not even scratching the surface! On TikTok, he shares his adventures traveling the world, working as a photographer in both the fashion and traveling world, and even gives tips on how his viewers can create their own content.

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Alexa Renee, @lilmsawkward

@lilmsawkward If Croatia isn’t on your list, then add it. Beautiful beaches, tons to do, some of the most beautiful coastal towns you’ve ever seen, killer national parks. I LOVED it. And I found the people to be super friendly. I visited Split and Dubrovnik and then took a day trip to Plitvice which I think is a must do. #croatia #summertravel #destinations2023 ♬ original sound - Fanta.k

Alexa is a Washington, D.C.-based travel influencer who loves sharing travel tips and tricks for her audience on TikTok. She breaks down how to vacation on a budget and shares her money-saving travel tips in a way that’s aspirational and easy to achieve. So far, she has visited over 40 countries and plans to add many more to her itinerary. Check out her TikTok to follow along with her on her adventures!

Sharinda, @theptonomad

@theptonomad Is TikTok lettingus say ⚫️ again? I’m sick of being sent to jail, lol. When I would share my travel stories, I was often shamed for traveling to Europe and not traveling more to Africa. I have always had this desire to help bring unity to the African diaspora, but was under the impression that I could only do this from the motherland. I began to take trips near the states because I couldn’t afford to travel to Africa. I slowly began to realize that the work can be done closer to home. #diaspora #diasporatiktok #blacktravel #theptonomad ♬ Tubarão Te Amo - DJ LK da Escócia & Tchakabum & Mc Ryan SP

With the goal of sparking wanderlust within Black women, Sharinda focuses on encouraging her followers to embrace the travel lifestyle while also juggling a professional career. She understands that it’s not particularly realistc to tell her followers who want to go on vacation more often to quit their job or start their own business so that they can travel full-time. That’s why she strives to encourage people to travel more with the paid time off that they have. Follow her on TikTok for tips on traveling, luxury vacations, and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Ibrahima Barry, @i_barry

@i_barry Traveling with someone tells you everything you need to know about them! Like a crash course into who they are. #travel #puravida #traveltiktok #blacktravel #couple ♬ sonido original - music..25🎶

Ibrahima Barry is a Black TikTok influencer who shares his travels around the world with his eager followers. His videos highlight the quirky and beautiful attractions of each of his destinations, the kindness of the people he meets there, and the wild once-in-a-lifetime experiences that he gets from his travels.

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Hopefully, you have TikTok open on your phone ready to follow all of these Black travel influencers. They all create beautiful content and their adventures will have you ready to start looking at potential home exchange opportunities and planning your next vacation.