Black History Month is here! In the spirit of this month-long celebration that recognizes the achievements and history of people of African descent, we’ve put together a list of Black travel influencers to add to your Instagram feed. Give them a follow - They will fill you with an unavoidable sense of wanderlust and get you excited to pack your bags and embark on your next adventure.

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Jessica Nabongo, @jessicanabongo

Jessica Nabongo gained notoriety as the first Black woman to travel to every country in the world, ending her groundbreaking journey in Seychelles. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s put her passport away for good: You can still find her globetrotting and having new adventures on her Instagram, and you can read her bestselling book, Catch Me If You Can.

Charlotte Simpson, @travelingblackwidow

Charlotte Simpson is a Black influencer who loved traveling to all 50 states and a few countries with her late husband of 31 years, but when he sadly passed away, she didn’t want to let her passport go unused. She wanted to inspire widows and other travelers to take that leap and start globetrotting. Along with promoting solo travel for both widows and older women, she also shines a light on ageism and discrimination against the elderly. Give her a follow if you’re looking for uplifting content on your Insta feed, or visit her blog for more inspiration.

Travis Levius, @misterlevius

Travis Levius is a travel influencer, travel writer, and a content creator. He documents his trips, insights, and funny and relatable videos on his Instagram. He is currently based in Atlanta, GA, but will be traveling to Athens, Greece next, so if you want some inspiration or if you’re in need of a few laughs, check out his Instagram!

Annette, @fromannettewithlove

Annette Richmond is a self-proclaimed “fat girl” and a Black travel influencer who promotes traveling while plus-sized through her own Instagram and through Fat Girls Traveling. Her profile is filled with images and videos of her enjoying her time around the world while unapologetically loving herself.

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Eulanda and Omo, @dipyourtoesin

Run by a couple based in Kent, UK, Eulanda and Omo are not only jetsetters, but they also use their platform to share advice on food, culture, and other popular lifestyle topics. They also share activities and adventures that people in the UK can enjoy close to home, like places to enjoy an afternoon tea or road trips that people can easily embark on. The two of them also have a blog, called Hey! Dip Your Toes In. If you’re ready to follow the adventures of a dynamic Black couple, get ready to fall in love with Eulanda and Omo!

The Hambricks, @thetravelingchild

Monet Hambrick is a full-time working mother and family travel blogger who was warned while pregnant with her first child that she and her husband wouldn’t have a lot of opportunities to travel together once they became parents. However, she decided to make sure that travel remained a significant part of their lives and instilled a sense of wanderlust in their kids. She started The Traveling Child to help inspire other parents to travel safely with their children by visiting destinations that most people wouldn't consider to be kid-friendly. Their motto, "If kids live there, kids can visit," has taken them all over the world. Monet has even written a book, The Traveling Child Goes to Rio de Janeiro! If you're looking for tips on how to go on vacation with your family or how to travel with kids, you'll the find no shortage of advice with them.

Roobens, @beenaroundtheglobe

Roobens Fils is a French Black travel influencer, blogger, and self-published author of the book Traveling While Black. His blog, Been Around the Globe, is available in both English and French, where he shares tips on traveling safely and confidently while Black for his fellow Black globetrotters who want to embark on journeys of their own.

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Hopefully, this list will help you brighten up your social media feeds. This list is only a fraction of the Black travel Instagram influencers and bloggers out there, so keep your eye out for more dynamic adventurers to follow.