Finding your next luxury home exchange is now easier than ever with the introduction of HomeExchange Collection’s new ‘Luxury home’ filter. Through the new filter available on the HomeExchange Collection platform, members have instant access to a curated selection of the most luxurious home exchange possibilities worldwide.

Exclusive to the Collection community, the luxury home filter displays a list of over 2,000 luxury homes across over 70 different countries, each of which has been evaluated by the Collection team using a rigorous criteria of luxury design, amenities and location.

Discover Your Next Luxury Home Exchange

HomeExchange Collection members can access the new filter through their account by simply beginning an exchange and selecting the ‘Luxury home’ filter at the top of the page. From there, they’ll be presented with the curated collection of luxury homes in their desired destinations.

Here is just a small selection of luxury homes that are featured on the ‘Luxury home’ filter:

Espoo, Finland

A five bedroom, three bathroom Finnish home just 20 minutes from Helsinki. Enjoy its luxurious sauna, jacuzzi, and in-home movie theater during your stay.

Tamarin, Mauritius

Just three minutes from the Indian Ocean,  this luxurious Mauritius home is equipped with a private pool surrounded by landscaped gardens for lounging, a large terrace overlooking the ocean for sightseeing and a home cinema for relaxing.

Ventura, California

This four bedroom, four bath home in Ventura California offers a true outdoor oasis with its own large outdoor pool, jacuzzi, fire pits and private sauna.

Discovering your dream luxury home exchange has become easier than ever with the introduction of HomeExchange Collection’s new ‘Luxury home’ filter, now available for use through the member dashboard. For those that need help finding an exchange, our Collection Exchange Experts are there to help you find your dream vacation.

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