HomeExchange Collection: What are GuestPoints?

Traditional home exchanges are no longer the only option at HomeExchange Collection. With GuestPoints, members can lend their homes to other Collection members and receive GuestPoints. They can use later these GuestPoints to be welcomed as a guest in another luxury Collection home.

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GuestPoints facilitate your vacations in exceptional places

If your host is able to welcome you into their home but doesn't want to come to your home because they have other vacation plans, you can give them GuestPoints to thank them for their hospitality.

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    Have your dream vacation with GuestPoints

    For example, you live in a stunning villa in California and want to go to an exceptional apartment in Paris. You've struck up a conversation with a Parisian member whose apartment is available to host you, but who has no plans to travel to the US. You give them GuestPoints, which they can then use to arrange an exchange to their dream destination.

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