Collection Refer a Friend Program

Earn up to $500 and 1,250 GuestPoints

  Help grow our exclusive community of luxury homeowners and invite your friends to experience a better, more authentic, and more responsible way to travel. 

Current Collection Members For every new Collection member accepted you will earn $100 off your membership renewal and 250 GuestPoints (up to 5 new members per current Collection member).  And, thanks to you, your friend will also receive $100 off their membership and 250 GuestPoints.  

New Collection Members:  Join with a friend and you will each save $100 off your Collection membership and 250 bonus GuestPoints.

How it works:

Step 1

Tell all of your friends about HomeExchange Collection

- Unlimited exchanges and access to a curated selection of luxury homes

- Guarantees in case of cancellation, damage, or if you do not find an exchange in the first year

- Member Support to help with all of your membership needs including finding and finalizing your exchanges

Step 2

Email for a special code

Current Collection Members - Include your friend(s) name, email, and phone number and our Member Support team will send them a code to receive $100 off their membership and 250 GuestPoints

New Collection MembersInclude name, email and phone number for you and your friend and our Member Support team will send you a code for $100 off your memberships

Step 3

Receive your rewards

Current Collection Members - Receive 250 GuestPoints for each friend’s approved Collection membership and $100 off your Collection membership for each new Collection member upon your renewal date

New Collection MembersYou and your friend will receive 250 bonus GuestPoints upon successfully joining HomeExchange Collection


Contact our Collection Member Support team with any questions about our Refer a Friend Program or your membership

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