Igorova/ina Stan : 4 osobe, Kastav


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Our home is a beautiful penthouse with two balconies overlooking the sea. The whole apartment is towards the south so there is a lot of sunshine coming in. Kitchen, living room and dining area are all in one to achieve a big open and comfortable space while bedrooms are secluded in the second part of the apartment. We have two bathrooms in different styles, one more modern and simple while the other is more colorful and spacious. We had 3 bedrooms but joined two of them to create a huge space for our boy so there is a huge amount of toys and stuff to play with. Our master bedroom has a balcony of its own and all widows are looking towards the sea. We have two parking lots reserved for us so that is not a problem. Its also super easy to go to the center of Rijeka as its literally a straight road to it. There is lots of history surrounding our city so where ever you go you will find something to fit your taste. We have a lot of hinking options near our house, horse riding, there are bunch of beaches where you can choose from rocky to sandy beaches. There is a large community pool close to a large beach as well. Our city is in general super safe and we live in a nice part of the city with lots of options to see. Our city is also close to several international airports to cheaply travel around Europe and Italy is 45 minutes away from us.

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Our home is situated in a peaceful area with a beautifull view from all balconies and windows towards the sea. Close by we have farmers market in the city center of Kastav which is a historic place with art galleries and amazing restaurants with local cuisine and traditional Croatian food. There is a small store just 30 meters from our building while there are couple of supermarkets just within 5 minute drive. Plenty of pizza/pasta places with delivery and we are just 10 minute drive away from a touristic place called Opatija which is a fashionable resort from the 19th century, it's dotted with Habsburg-era villas. Also we have hiking options just minutes away in the center of Kastav city again while mountain Učka is not far as well for variety of options from hiking to climbing, paragliding etc. Within 20 min drive you can reach Grobnik field which is a motorsport race track and there you also have a small airport for parachuting and panoramic flights over the close by cities.

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It has a beautiful view of the sea which you can enjoy from our two balconies. Its only 15 min drive to the city center of Rijeka or on the opposite way to Opatija and a 12 km long coastal walk. Only a 2,5 hour drive to Venice in Italy and its close to couple of airports to travel quite cheap around Europe.

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