Swapping homes is a great way to travel more, explore new regions, save money, and make lifelong friends. Here at HomeExchange, we have two classic types of exchanges: reciprocal and GuestPoints. However, are you aware that there’s a third way to travel with HomeExchange that doesn’t involve reserving an entire home while also allowing you to get to know your host on a more personal level? Consider trying out a hospitality exchange, where you can travel without breaking the bank on a vacation rental and without arranging to swap an entire home!

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What is a Hospitality Exchange?


Long story short, a hospitality exchange is a way for hosts to offer up part of their home for GuestPoints without having to leave during an exchange. This section of the home can be a room, a wing, or even a guesthouse on the property. Guests can then stay in that part of the home for less GuestPoints than if they were staying in a whole home and will spend less money overall than if they were to just rent a room for their vacation on sites like AirBnB.

For more in-depth information on a hospitality exchange, check out this post we made announcing this feature!

Why should I do a hospitality exchange?

There are many benefits to a hospitality exchange, as our members will attest to. Advantages include:

On-site hosts:


“Our basement apartment is below our home. Most of the time we meet our guests and welcome them. They get to have more proactive hosts if they need help, advice or want to borrow something that may not be in the apartment, like a tool or an international plug, etc. It works out great!” - Maria, USA

“I adore receiving guests for a hospitality exchange. We always share time together during breakfast and dinner. It is important that you are relaxed in Hospitality Exchange. Don't treat your guests as hotel guests but as family members. You share the house, share experiences of life, share the most important in life: TIME.” - Kristel, Belgium

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Friendly and polite guests:


“We will sometimes host guests and they stay in the bottom portion of our house. It has always gone really well, and we have actually really enjoyed their company. The guests have also always been respectful of boundaries and we haven't had any issues.” - Conrad, USA

“It’s been great. A wonderful way to make friends and get to know people. I have had people in my home while I was there and I have also done the same in reverse. Both times were a great experience. As long as everyone respects others' needs for what level of privacy they need and what level of interaction they would enjoy. Good communication is best. I am looking forward to doing this again soon. It has been a good way for my teens to learn about hosting and talking and getting to know new people” - Michele, USA

“Kate and Terrence stayed with us for two nights in our primary house before heading up to our cabin. They were the perfect guests. We went off a local hike and brought them to a maple sugar house.” - Laura, USA



“A mom and her high school daughter were looking for a last-minute stay to visit Scripps College. We agreed to have them stay in our master bedroom for reduced points.” - Lorraine, USA

“Since we live near a large university, many times the parents of students have contacted us looking for a nice place to be near campus. We have frequently accommodated these parents who are very grateful to be close to their sons and daughters with hospitality exchanges.” - Marilyn, USA

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Lifelong friendships:


“We just love HomeExchange. One of our best memories is going to visit a French family (that we now think of as our extended family) after their daughter came to stay with us on a hospitality exchange before she started the University in our town. It was like being welcomed in a long lost relative's house. An unbeatable experience. We now call her our French Daughter!” - Kim, USA

“I stayed with a family in Cairns, Australia. We had the choice of four cars. We stayed in the top half of their house while they lived in the lower level. Every evening we met up for dinner on the deck and put the world to right over a good glass of Chardonnay…” - Jean, Portugal

“We exchanged with an American woman in 2017. We went to NY when she was away, but she stayed with us for a week. We had some meals together, we showed her around a bit and, a few years later, when she was staying in Barcelona with her husband and niece, they visited us again and we invited them to dinner.” - Ingrid, Spain

“We had a lovely time. A family with children close in age to ours stayed for just one night on their way through. Our children played, we enjoyed dinner together, and would recommend it!” - Noreen, USA

“We have completed a hospitality exchange many times and it was a great experience meeting people in person. It was a great time to share with like minded, travel loving people in our home.” - Malgorzata, Ireland

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If you’re ready to try your hand at this unique way to travel and would like to get started on your next vacation home exchange, then don’t hesitate to create a designated listing for the room or area you would like to offer up for a guest and to join our hospitality exchange group! There, you’ll find people who are also interested in or are even experts at hospitality exchanges that you can swap with. You'll be surprised how much easier it is than renting a room in a house or paying for an entire vacation rental. Get ready for an adventure of your own where you’ll make new friends and live like a local with the help of your kind hosts!