At HomeExchange, two main types of exchange are available to you. There is the classic one: the reciprocal exchange (I come to your place and you come to mine, on the same dates or not), and the GuestPoints exchange (I can’t go to your place, but I can welcome you to my home in exchange of GuestPoints). But it doesn't stop there. You now have the option, recently introduced,  to offer a "hospitality exchange".

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What is a Hospitality Exchange?

The Concept

A "hospitality exchange" consists in offering not a whole house but only a part of it (usually a bedroom, but it can also be a separate wing, etc.), to welcome guests staying on site during the exchange.

Members who practice this type of exchange generally create 2 listings on the site: one with their entire home, and a second one specifically for the hospitality exchange (with an appropriate GuestPoints amount and a clear description).

The Advantages

This type of exchange is often searched for when you only need to stay for one night, as a quick stop on a road trip by bike or van, or when you travel alone. It is also ideal for members who want to meet and spend time with their hosts during their home exchange.  When you go abroad, it's a perfect way to immerse yourself more fully in the local life and culture of the country, with the perk of daily advice from your hosts!).

It's also a good way to host more  easily and often when you don't have a second home but want GuestPoints to travel at another time.

"This accommodation means that neither party has to desert their home and at the same time helps out those who only need a few nights of accommodation, or for solo travelers. It’s all  still in the spirit of HomeExchange, human exchange and sharing!"


Creation of a Dedicated Feature

The Objective of the Dedicated "Hospitality Exchange” Group

More and more HomeExchange members seem to be looking for or want to offer parts of their home to  exchange. We have therefore decided to adapt in order to better meet the needs of the community to facilitate these searches by creating the dedicated group  "hospitality exchange”.

This is a group you can join (and leave) at any time to filter your search results to only display the homes of members offering to host you in a part of their home while they are there.

How Does It Work?

If you are offering a hospitality exchange

  • Create a dedicated listing (in addition to your main listing).
  • Join the new hospitality exchange group.

If you are looking for a hospitality exchange

  • Join the "hospitality exchange" group.
  • Start your search on the HomeExchange website by making sure you select the picto filter "hospitality exchange" in your search criteria (accessible by clicking on "More filters" after launching your search).
  • NOTE:  When you have finished your search, don't forget to leave the group, otherwise you will appear in the search results as a member offering a hospitality exchange!

To find out how to join a group on your HomeExchange profile, click here.

Join the Group

We hope that this new group will make your search easier, and that you will quickly find the exchange that suits you!

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