When home-exchanging, communication between both Members is key: from sending the first message to the end of the exchange. Members talk to each other, resolve all possible doubts they have, and prepare for the exchange to make the most of their vacation.

Transparent, honest, and fluid communication, together with the hospitality of all the Members in our HomeExchange community, makes you feel welcome at your exchange house. What's more, it makes you feel at home.

These feelings of welcoming, generosity, and hospitality on many occasions lead to the sharing of fun moments, and even the start of great friendships between Members. In fact, sometimes a good relationship between Members during an exchange can continue afterwards, and can last a long time.

And what’s better than having friends all around the world?

Eulalia_CanmoreMy incredible HomeExchange in Canmore - Eulália

We asked our Members about friendships forged during their exchanges, and we’ve heard great stories!

Do you want to hear some of them?

A Bond that Grew in the Garden

This summer we became friends with our German exchange partners. We had dinner and breakfast together at their beautiful home, and since then, a precious bond was formed. We talk every week and we send photos. I recently received some seeds from flowers growing in their garden. Now, they are planted in mine. Her little daughter will come to our house to practice Spanish in the summer, so my children will have an older sister. This is the best thing that Home Exchange has given me - Marie, Spain.

Drinks by the Pool

We were looking to see 2 different parts of Miami, so we did one exchange near busy south beach and another in a more residential, quiet neighborhood in El Portal, where Peacocks roam the streets. Both homes looked inviting and had amazing amenities such as a pool, garden, and laundry. We wanted to be hosted (stay with our hosts) at one of the exchanges so we could get the best scoop from locals. My favorite memory from our exchange is spending a lazy Saturday, laughing and lounging in our host's pool, with a cocktail in hand, compliments of our hosts, together with our hosts and their lovely friends and neighbors. - Camille, New York, USA.

Tea time making a new friend!

I recently visited Mill Bay just outside Victoria and stayed in a beautiful peaceful spot. During this local exchange, I loved meeting another member I had emailed and talked to on the phone via HomeExchange.  I wasn't able to stay with her, but she invited me to her home for tea and we became fast friends.  I look forward to being able to stay at her place another time. It was such a surprising and lovely afternoon. - Kate, Vancouver, Canada

An Exchange Grandpa?

We went to stay at an incredible apartment in Central Park in New York on an exchange,  and the family that came to my house became very close to my parents. My father took the family’s 7-year-old boy to the soccer field in my little town every day. In fact, my father says that he called him "yayo" and that the boy cried when he left... That family invited my parents to their house many times, and although they have not yet gone, they still keep in contact and the other family keeps sending pictures of the child to my father. It's lovely to see that your family can also benefit in some way from the exchanges - Elisabeth, Spain.

A Group of 11... Having Fun Together!

In the spring of 2013, we finalized an exchange with a family in Haute-Savoie. As we only had 4 hours on the road, they waited for us to arrive and we had a good time chatting with our exchange partners. After the exchange, we kept in touch and have organized several reunions: a great trek in Gruyère, a visit from Celine, a weekend at our house the following summer, a meeting halfway between our exchanges in Toulouse and Girona ... we even went on an exchange together to Barcelona… both families! They have already visited us twice during Christmas to enjoy the Christmas Markets and Europark, and even though every time we meet, there are 11 of us, everyone gets along very well! In short, it's wonderful! - Aurélie, France.


A Wonderful Story of International Friendship

When you make an exchange with Australians, another with a Floridian, and a third with an American living in Mexico City, and a few years later, the three meet at your wedding in a small town in the Lot Department (France), you tell yourself that thanks to HomeExchange you've made real, new friends - Michel, France.

In Touch 4 Years Later... With a Trip Still Pending!

Our first exchange was going to be in Croatia. That summer, we adopted a child from Chernobyl and because of an error committed by managing association, even though we had already bought the tickets, they told us that the child could not travel to Croatia since he only had a visa allowing him to enter the Schengen zone once. So, the Croats came to our house and we had to go to an apartment that one of my sisters left us for that week. As we were all at the same place, we dined with them one day, we took them shopping, etc. This was 4 years ago but we are still in touch with them via WhatsApp today. And they keep insisting that we go to their house in Istria. We will be sure to go one day! - Zuriñe, Spain.

A home-exchange can be the start of a great friendship with your host or guest, and can also create very pleasant moments and memories during your vacation. Enjoy this and every surprise that HomeExchange can bring you.

Do you have a great story of friendship from one of your home-exchanges? We’d love to hear about it!

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