One of the best parts about home swapping is how pet-friendly many people are. It’s often no problem to bring your pet along with you or to use house exchange for pet-sitting : you leave your pet at home for your guests to care for.

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If you don’t want the expense and hassle of boarding your pet when you travel, search for a home exchange that will let you leave your pet at home or bring your pet along for the ride. To find pet-friendly homes:

  • Use the “pets welcome” search filter to find homes that will accommodate your furry (or feathered, or scaly) friend.
  • Join the dog lovers or cat lovers groups and filter your search to find members who are passionate about the same animal.
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Many of our members’ pets have had wonderful experiences as home exchangers— here are some of their stories.

"We've traveled with our dog and taken care of dogs and cats and chickens while being hosted. We've also taken our pet Budgerigar on numerous holidays. He likes to ride where there is the best view." -Susie

travel with HomeExchange - vacation with pets, budgie in the car

"I’ve done 30+ exchanges, always with my small dog. No problems, except once in Normandy I accidentally locked her in the bedroom when we were gone all day. She scratched the door and I offered to have it repainted. But my host family were very nice and said don’t worry." -Ellie

Home swapping with dog

"In Belgium our host family asked us to take care of their 3 horses. We were so happy! It was easy, we just needed to feed them twice a day and pet them." -Monika

"I bought my horse on home exchange and imported it and my dog always travels with me." - Susanne

Horse and dog — travel with pets when you home exchange

"I have exchanged with my golden Sunshine and have also had an exchanger watch her while I was in Italy. This was on an exchange in Lake Tahoe, California. She is a great traveler. Taking her on an exchange in Yosemite next week!" -Bobbi

Golden retriever on a HomeExchange vacation

"My husband gladly took care of farm animals which included goats, sheep, a couple of steer, chickens and a cat on a small farm in Hawaii on our first long term exchange." -Louise

"I have taken care of cats on many exchanges and have had exchangers taken care of our cat. Love cats and consider them a bonus. Sadly our bonus cat with our current exchange has been cancelled due to a certain virus and change of plans for our hosts. But who knows, maybe next year." -Marit

Bring your pet cat on vacation with you when you travel with HomeExchange

"I love taking care of my hosts' animals." -Eulália

Taking care of HomeExchange hosts' pets

"We consider it an added bonus if we get to look after the owners' pets. We have a cat and it’s so nice that he doesn’t have the trauma of going to a Cattery. Less expense too! This photo is of the lovely “Romeo”. A gorgeous newfoundland which we had the pleasure of looking after when we exchanged in San Francisco." -Susan

Travel with pets - HomeExchange

"This one loves to come on our adventures when we are in the UK." -Ali

Travel with pets - HomeExchange

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