Cats: They can be sweet, moody, social, or loners, but they are always fun to be around! The HomeExchange community is full of cat lovers and owners who are more than willing to help take care of their host's cats as if they were their very own. Check out some stories of members who have cats or who have bonded with their host's kitties (and yes, we have cute cat pictures)!

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“Last New Years we had the opportunity to exchange in Chicago with Roberta and Jerry. They have a gorgeous loft condo in downtown Chicago. I’m from Mississippi and told Roberta we were hoping to see snow. We had a fabulous exchange and we had a winter storm so I got to see lots of snow. We spent New Years relaxing with Roberta’s cats Cinnamon and Cardamom while the storm blew outside. It really is the Windy City! We love home exchanging and cats 🐈.” - David


“Here are our cats! We are a family that loves cats and for us it's a + in the exchange! Our children love exchanges where there are animals. They like it when the hosts give us information about them and when we are at their house, we bring a Polaroid-type instant camera and take pictures of them. When we leave, we leave the photos of their animals and write a note that says they were adorable.” - Annie-Claude


We did an exchange in Bruges last week, and the cat of the house was certainly the funniest cat eve. Ronny was coming to drink at the tap and was ever showering his head under the tap! Such a treat for the kids to take care of the pets on exchanges. We are also really grateful to receive news from our own cat that people take care of! - Virginie

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“Here are some photos of our host-cats: Princesse from Saint-André de Cubzac, Tigrou from Paris, Tutchi from Graye-sur-Mer and finally Gribouille from Pau.” - Caroline

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“This is Nairobi!

We were in three homes in Lyon and Geneva in July and all three had cats whose names began with ‘N.’
Nina and Neptune were outdoor chunky cats and Nairobi lives indoors.” - Gwen and Monty


“We were lucky to be hosted by Billie in Freidrichshagen last October. We prefer to exchange with cat owners, as we love cats.” - Lynn LaRue


Travel with your pets

Leaving your pet to go on an exchange can be nerve-wracking: How can you trust a total stranger not just with your home, but with your own precious pet? However, HomeExchange is filled with animal lovers who will not only look after your home like it’s their own, but treat your pets with love and compassion. If you have any cute stories of your host’s pets, let us know! We love hearing about your furry friends, and we would never say no to more cat pictures!