The coronavirus pandemic forced us to change our routines and our plans. We are now taking the time to reflect on our habits, our consumption, our impact on the earth and our future. Tourism and travel are not spared this reflection, and more and more of us are questioning the way we travel, as evidenced by the testimonials of our community on social media. How can we be more responsible and respectful in our travels? It’s certain that there are plenty of advantages to traveling locally!

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1- Traveling close to home contributes to the local economy

Travel locally to contribute to the local economy

Traveling next door not only gives the chance to purchase food and products from your region, helping local producers to maintain their production, but also encourages and supports local businesses, restaurants and shops of all kinds, for whom times are tough.

Are you traveling with a home exchange? Don't hesitate to ask your host to share their favorite local markets with you so you can stop by and support small, local businesses!

2- Traveling locally saves time and money

Family traveling by train

By traveling somewhere close to home, we can avoid the time change and transportation problems that make us lose precious time. You can also save money on expensive flights by just carpooling or taking a bus or train to your destination.

Travel close to home

3- It's a great solution to travel with pets

Travel locally with pets

Say goodbye to organizational problems when it comes to finding care for your furry (or feathered, or scaly) companion. If your house swap host can welcome your pet with you, it's an opportunity to share your new adventures with them! If this is not possible, your guest can take care of feeding him or her and playing with your pet when they stay in your home.

Travel with your pet

4- Let yourself be surprised by (re)discovering the treasures close to home!

Travel locally to (re)discover the treasures close to home

We can't always imagine how much there is still to discover in our own region or country. This is also the opportunity to help your guests discover the great things about your area, when you can share your favorite places with them! You can also discover the favorite local places of other HomeExchangers with our map here.

We imagine we know everything about our region, and what is far away always seems more exotic. But our own country has so much to offer! For HomeExchangers, don't hesitate to share your tips and tricks a little secret with your guests. It's also an opportunity to share them with your guests and exchange with them about your favorite places and the ones they liked during their visit.

“What I particularly like is finding out what visits our guests liked or what they enjoyed discovering around my home. You always get new ideas about what is nice to see where you live, places that are just round the corner and you still don't know. I will always remember our Spanish hosts from Andalucia telling us about "Beloeil Castle" just 30 minutes from our home. We were very curious about it and decided to visit it on a Sunday afternoon. We were amazed! We didn't know such a beautiful castle existed in our area!”


5- Traveling locally is an alternative to limit your ecological impact

Travel locally for the ecology

At HomeExchange, we believe that even small actions can have a significant impact on the world. By reducing your travel, you also limit your carbon footprint and reduce the crowding that can occur in major tourist sites. To travel locally is to reduce environmental waste and the planet thanks you!

Travel locally

6- HomeExchange is a great way to travel locally

Travel locally with HomeExchange

Home exchange is an authentic and unique way to travel at low cost. In addition to making up to 80% savings on your holiday accommodation budget, and enjoying the benefits of a fully equipped and warm house in which you will be welcomed as if you were at home, you can also take advantage of the advice and tips of your hosts.

And to embark on the HomeExchange adventure, what better way to start than by going close to home, in your own region or country to start off gently? Whether it's for a last minute exchange for this summer or in 6 months time, everything is possible! No language barrier, no worries about misunderstandings, no bank charges, no overspending on your phone package. Travel locally with HomeExchange is the best option!

Travel locally with HomeExchange