HomeExchange recently reinstated an LGBTQ+ friendly group, after many requests from our members to bring this group option back. The group currently has approximately 22,000 members. The LGBTQ+ group was originally an option on HomeExchange, and in 2021, we have decided to once again add this group to HomeExchange based on high demand from our community.

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Our members let us know they feel it is important to be able to indicate whether they are part of the LGBTQ+ community or are allies, as it is an important determinant as some members plan their travel. At HomeExchange, we strive to foster an inclusive community that is safe and welcoming for all. We are happy to implement changes as suggested by our members to help everyone feel comfortable and safe as they travel.

HomeExchange is a community dedicated to extending hospitality and warm welcomes to guests from around the world. We work to build the future of travel by celebrating home exchange as an authentic, human way to travel. As a company, we are committed to making travel accessible to all, and to making our platform a safe, welcoming place for everyone.

If I’m not in this group, does it imply that I’m not LGBTQ+ friendly?

Certainly not. All groups on HomeExchange require you to opt-in at your own discretion. You can choose whether to identify yourself as having a certain lifestyle, preferred hobbies, or your job. The groups make it easier to search and find members who have the same lifestyle and interests as you, but you do not have to join any of our groups. Some members might not even know this group exists, so not being part of it doesn't indicate they aren't welcoming to this community.

My profile is clear that I have a same sex partner, everyone knows who’s coming to stay and all the experiences I’ve had with HE have been without exception positive. I would certainly look twice at a house with that badge and would welcome anything that demonstrates we should be an open community. I can also understand why gay people prefer to exchange with other gay people – knowing that you’ll feel safe and welcome once you arrive counts for a lot. -Daniel, HomeExchanger

Isn’t a group like this discriminatory?

It is precisely to fight against discrimination that we created this group. We are not segregating or discriminating by adding this group— we are embracing the diversity we have in our community and making it clear that all are welcome. We value our members’ input, and many travelers in the LGBTQ+ community, as well as allies, have requested we add this group.

Just as we have groups for seniors, vegetarians, nudists, and law enforcement (and 100+ more), members can opt in to this group if it is an important consideration in finding the perfect home exchange. Learn more about HomeExchange groups here.

It is incredibly important for anyone who is part of a marginalized group to be able to find safe accommodations in which to stay. -Elizabeth, HomeExchanger

Why seek exchanges based on sexual preferences? I don't understand the interest.

Some people in the LGBTQ+ community have felt unwelcome traveling because of their sexual preferences. This group can give those home exchangers peace of mind as they make travel plans. Knowing ahead of time that they are welcome can help them feel more at ease. Having this option when you search for an exchange can make securing exchanges easier, which is something everyone in the community can appreciate.

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Do I need to be part of the LGBTQ+ community to join this group?

This group is open to all. Members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies, friends, or people who are open to hosting anyone are welcome to join the group. Those who feel it will be relevant in connecting them with other exchangers and finding the perfect exchange should join the LGBTQ+ group.

NOTE: We handle all your data securely by implementing appropriate technical and organizational measures. You can withdraw consent by leaving this group at any time. Being in this group does not necessarily mean that you are part of the LGBTQ+ community— the group is also open to allies, friends, and those who wish to indicate that they are open to hosting anyone.

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