Since we’re halfway through October, you’ve most likely already shifted into spooky mode: costume shopping, watching horror movies, and decorating your home with jack o'lanterns. However, if you find yourself craving more than a Halloween aesthetic, then consider embarking on a haunted tour! America is full of a long and storied history, and myths of ghost and ghouls are a significant part of that. Whether you believe in spirits returned from the beyond, a skeptic, or a history buff, you’ll find yourself sucked into the world of the supernatural with these seven ghost tours.

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French Quarter Phantoms Ghost Tours in New Orleans, LA

Let’s face it: You can’t write an article about ghost tours without recommending one in New Orleans! The Big Easy is home to history, spirits from centuries past, and a deep cultural appreciation for voodoo. Luckily, no matter what part of New Orleans supernatural history you’re interested in, French Quarter Phantoms has a tour for you. From a ghost and vampire tour, to a Canal St. Cemetery tour, to a French Quarter history and voodoo tour, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed with the sheer amount of spine-tingling options you have.

Historic Charleston Carriage Tours in Charleston, SC

Sit back and (try to) relax as you embark on “Charleston’s only haunted carriage ride” with this unique ghost tour. You’ll hear from your knowledgeable tour guide about the long and spooky history of Charleston, from pirates to ghosts to haunted hotels and foreboding alleys. The tour lasts about 40 minutes, with every second filled to the brim with haunted historical facts and spine-tingling sites.

Ghosts and Gravestones Haunted Tours in Boston, MA

This tour’s website describes itself as “from Beantown to Screamtown,” which is probably better than what we can write to describe this trolley ride through Boston’s most haunted sites. During this daunting drive, you’ll find yourself touring through 400 year-old grave sites, and will even have exclusive nighttime access to two graveyards. Step aboard this terrifying trolley for some pre-colonial and modern horrors.

Gangsters and Ghosts Tours in Chicago, IL

Chicago is known for its Prohibition-era gangsters and bootleggers, so it’s no surprise that remnants of these criminals remain, even after nearly a century has passed. Through a two hour tour, you’ll walk through an area in the city known as “The Loop” using the very same streets and pathways that infamous bootlegger Al Capone used during the height of his criminal empire.

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Witch City Walking Tours in Salem, MA

Let’s face it: Like New Orleans, LA, we can’t have a list recommending ghost tours without including one in Salem! The home of the infamous Salem Witch Trials, this city’s long past is filled with suspicion, magic, and the supernatural. For tours that focus on the haunted happenings of Salem, we recommend embarking on their History & Hauntings and Mysteries & Murders tours. If you’re a fan of the Disney movie Hocus Pocus, Witch City Walking Tours also offers a look at some of the movies most iconic sets.

LA Ghosts in Los Angeles, CA

Gather outside the El Capitan Theater in Los Angeles, CA for a 60 or 90 minute walk to learn about the haunted past of California’s largest city. You’ll learn about the ghosts and supernatural happenings tied to LA’s scandalous Hollywood past. What ghosts lie behind the camera, and which ones lurk through the city’s star-covered streets?

Boroughs of the Dead in New York, NY

This October, why not support an independently-owned ghost tour business? Go on a walking tour through some of New York City’s most haunted boroughs with a licensed tour guide. Together, you'll travel to Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to uncover the ghostly history of the Big Apple.

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You’re guaranteed thrills, entertainment, and even knowledge on each of these tours, so you can’t go wrong choosing to embark on one or even several of these adventures! Just make sure to keep an eye out for any spirits you might encounter, and make sure that none of them follow you home…