This month we are celebrating 30 years of HomeExchange! Over the last three decades, our community has grown and evolved, all while retaining the core of what makes home exchanges a unique way of traveling. Over the years, we’ve gone through a lot of changes and even survived a pandemic together, and it truly showed us how strong the community and its love for this way of traveling is.

We are so proud of the 94,000 members spread across 159 countries that represent this community. To honor you all, and celebrate 30 years, we want to learn more about you with a contest!

Share with us your favorite HomeExchange memory since joining our community!

How to participate

First, check out this post (on Instagram). Share your favorite HomeExchange memory (it can be a photo, video, or even a reel) on your Instagram account - please make sure your account is public so we can see your post! Include in your caption a little memory about your HomeExchange experience. After make sure to tag @homeexchangecom and use the hashtag #HomeExchange30. To complete your entry, click the button below and fill out our TypeForm!

Validate my participation!

What you’ll get

As we are a community, the more that comes together, the more the reward!

If 100 people participate, we will offer you 100 GuestPoints.

If 200 people participate, we will offer you 150 GuestPoints.

if 300 people participate, we will offer 200 GuestPoints

Lastly, one lucky participant will be chosen at random to receive a Cheerz photo album filled with your favorite HomeExchange memories.

How long with the contest last?

The contest starts on October 17 and will run until 31 October.
We’ll share the results of the contest in our stories on November 7 and notify the winner separately.

Note: This contest is organized by HomeExchange and is completely independent of Instagram. The photos shared as part of this contest can be used by HomeExchange for communication and marketing purposes. By sharing these photos with HomeExchange, you agree to this possible use.