As an experienced HomeExchanger, you know how exciting it is when you get a response to an Exchange Enquiry. Even if that response is a simple “Sorry, not at this time,” it is nice to know that someone has taken a moment to give your request serious consideration. But what does that magic Response Rate number really mean?

Why should you aim for a high response rate?

  • It increases your search presence
  • It lets other Members know that you are more likely to answer their enquiries in a timely manner
  • Your home can be discovered when someone uses the ‘Show only Members with high response rate’ filter.

Where do I find my response rate?

Your Response Rate can be found within your profile under your Profile Photo on the right.

Who can see my response rate?

Your Response Rate is visible to the whole community. Not only does it show under your Profile Photo, but it also appears within all Search Results. Listings with a high Response Rate are given preferred placement within Search Results.

Do you remind me when my response rate is low?

If your Response Rate is low, when you next log-in, you’ll see a notice letting you know your Rate has dropped. Don’t worry, it isn’t hard to bounce back. Take a few moments and click through your Inbox. Let those potential Exchanges know if you are or are not able to meet their request. Please note, due to the formula used to calculate your Response Rate, it could take a few days to notice an increase.

Filter and Search for those with a high response rate

One of the main benefits of having a high Response Rate is it will increase your chances of appearing in Members’ that search using the ‘Show only Members with high Response Rate’ filter. When you click the box, only members with a positive Response Rate will be displayed.

How is the response rate calculated?

To calculate your Response Rate, we take into account every enquiry received in the past 6 months offset by 7 days. For example, on May 1st, your Response Rate would be calculated based on the enquiries received between October 23 and April 23. This way Members have 7 days to respond to an enquiry before it impacts their Response Rate. For Members who improved their response rate in the past 7 days, that period will be taken into account.

Why do some members not respond?

There can be any number of reasons why some people don’t respond. Some could include:

  • The member is inundated with enquiries. This is particularly true in high-interest locations such as Paris or New York City.
  • The member hasn’t spotted the email (it may have gone into trash/change of email address)
  • The member hasn’t visited the website in a while

To assist members who get a lot of enquiries, it is now much easier to respond using standard responses. You can select ‘Interested’ and make the necessary arrangements OR ‘Sorry, not at this time’ and then you can decide whether you want to add a personal message.

Ready to take the challenge and increase your response rate?

ON YOUR MARK: Go to HomeExchange

GET SET: Open your inbox

GO: Start reviewing all of your pending messages and respond!

Your response rate may take up a few days to adjust, but it’ll feel like you’ve just gone through a stack of mail or decluttered your home!

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