5 tips that will let you travel differently and enjoy your destination in a unique way!

Tip # 1: Consider public transportation to discover a place in a totally new way

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Driving your own car is practical but it is not always the best way to become totally immersed in a city. Not only that, in some places, finding a parking spot can be near impossible! So leave your car at home and opt for the train or bus. For longer journeys, there are many sites to compare train ticket prices and get special offers to make your holiday a bit more budget-friendly. Once you arrive at your destination, the bus, tram or bike are perfect means of transport, allowing you to enjoy your holidays without worrying about driving or parking. We also recommend Citymapper. This app lets you find the best and fastest route when getting around.

Tip # 2: Take advantage of free activities

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Who doesn’t like free? Avoid spending an arm and a leg by making the most of free activities offered by cities and counties. Check out sites like TimeOut or the city’s website to keep you informed of all the free activities available. From entertainment for children to concerts and open-air workshops, this might be an excellent way to discover someplace you didn’t even know existed. You never know what hidden gem will become an instant favorite memory.

Tip # 3: Ask the locals to live like a local.

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A home exchange is not just a great way to find cost-effective holiday accommodations, it is also a great way to find recommendations and advice from locals. Just ask your exchange hosts for their top places and experiences. Discover local markets and authentic places that only locals know. Immersing yourself in local culture, customs, and day-to-day activities will give you a real taste of what your host city is truly about.

Tip # 4: Cook at home for real moments of connection.

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Holidays are great for discovering exciting new places but sometimes, you just need to take a break and settle in for a nice home-cooked meal. When you home exchange, you stay in a comfortable house or apartment where you can cook at home. Enjoy preparing family meals using local fresh ingredients. Not only can this bring you and your family closer together, you will save money!

Tip # 5: Travel without going far

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A great way to make your holidays unique is by choosing a destination near home. The simple act of home exchanging allows you to live another home, and this is already a change of scenery. Sometimes, just 30 minutes from home can reveal an entirely new world you never knew. Why not make the Home your destination by choosing a spectacular architects loft or castle, a house with pool and garden or even a houseboat. Let yourself be surprised by all accommodations on GuesttoGuest and enjoy unlimited travel today!

Travel differently! The philosophy of home exchange

As a member of GuesttoGuest, you join more than 350,000 members worldwide who have chosen to experience a different way to travel. Based on the values of sharing, trust, and hospitality, a home exchange allows families to swap their homes (reciprocally or not). Members save money while sharing their world during a short moment which makes for remarkable memories. Our philosophy is to make authentic local experiences accessible to all!