Around the world, these expatriate members of HomeExchange choose to exchange their homes and travel differently.

So many destinations around the world have always seemed out of reach until you discover home exchanging. From Tanzania and India to Malaysia to Costa Rica, wherever you want to travel is in reach with HomeExchange.

With more than 400,000 homes, anywhere you want to go is just a click away. Among HomeExchange members, expatriates are particularly eager to exchange and return to visit their country of origin.

What are the advantages of exchanging your home with an expatriate family?

Afraid your home will not seem interesting to a family living abroad? Think again! Your home can be the ideal place for an expatriat family who wishes to return to their country of origin for their holidays or to visit extended family. As for you, you will get the benefit of enjoying their home in your dream destination. So don’t limit yourself. Travel opportunities are everywhere. Consider contacting expatriates for your future home exchange.

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Who are the expatriate members of HomeExchange and where do they live?

Meet some members and followers of home exchange all over the world.


Caroline – Tanzania

"We are expatriates in Dar es Salaam where we live in the district of Oysterbay, on the peninsula. We love water sports, and appreciate the sweetness of a life of this country, the kindness of Tanzanians, the opportunity to see wild animals in their natural environment (Mikumi Park is 300 km from Dar), and the proximity of Zanzibar (2 hours door to door)…perfect for an improvised family weekend!"


Morganen – Malaysia

"We are both teachers and have two boys. We live 15 minutes from the center of Kuala Lumpur. Our large apartment has three bedrooms and is fully equipped! All facilities at your disposal: 2 swimming pools, playground, two badminton courts, two tennis courts and a squash court. Of course, you have lots to do around our home; shops and restaurants, a large park with a pond, activities, fitness trails + jungle treks."


Helene -Mexico

"We are a couple with 3 children. We have a diving center in the village of Tulum. We love dancing, music, kitesurfing, tennis, and handicrafts."

Discover Hélène’s Ecological home in the Mexican Caribbean!


Daniel – Greece

"I am a retired diplomat and live in Alonissos. I like the calm, the sea, nature, and excursions in the forest. I enjoy traditional Greek life and cuisine, but my knowledge of the language has not gone much beyond Greek food so I speak English with my friends here."


Françoise and Manuel – Colombia

"We live in Colombia, love to travel, write and discover…We are a couple in their fifties who likes to meet new people and discover new places, we are easy-going and open-minded."


Nadja – Thailand

"I am retired and I have the time to be who I’ve always wanted to be: an artist, so you will find many paintings at home…I am easy-going and I love my holiday home in kohtao because of the breathtaking view of the bay."


Hervé and Christine – Denmark

"We are a Franco-German couple, over fifty, we love and respect nature and ourselves by eating organic and cultivating our garden. Hervé is an organic gardener and educator, Christine is a nurse and visits newborns at home…We love traveling to Europe in the off-season to fully appreciate our destinations."


Karine – India

"French woman living in India…I am always looking to discover new places and new cultures! I’m swapping my rather western apartment in a quiet part of Mumbai."

With HomeExchange, travel the world without paying for accommodation by exchanging your home with expatriate families and enjoy the benefits of a comfortable home for the whole family, a kitchen to prepare meals at home without breaking the bank, and meeting new friends all over the world. All in all, home exchanging is lets you to live like a local.

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