Instead of dining at mediocre, overpriced restaurants, savour a meal at your local host’s recommended eatery. Instead of visiting overcrowded tourist attractions, head over to some lesser-known hidden gems in the city.

One great thing about home-exchanging that our Members can agree on is the fact that you have a real local welcoming you to their city and with the great communication and the building of relationships with your host, you can get the scoop of the hidden gems in the city ;-)

Some of our Members share the little secrets they share with their guests/they’ve uncovered during their exchange:

  1. ​​Stockholm, Sweden
    “For us the greatest discovery so far has been the area of ​​Lake Malaren in Stockholm near the Axelberg metro stop. A spectacular site with amazing walks, beautiful coves and bathing areas. Really, if someone comes to Stockholm, this is not to be missed.”
    - Zuriñe, 22 exchanges

  2. Paris, France
    “There are such places even in Paris.
    In the library François Mitterrand, with free access, you can admire two gigantic globes (one terrestrial and one celestial) that were offered to Louis XIV. The people whom I recommended a visit there were all excited about the globes of Coronelli.
    Then, we cross the Seine and we finish with a walk around the Cinémathèque de France in the Parc de Bercy. Then we have a drink, an ice cream or a meal at St Emilion courtyard.
    A walk in Paris without tourists. The Paris of the Parisians.”
    -  Gilles, 27 exchanges

  3. Lagrasse, France
    “The village of Lagrasse in Aude: a Carolingian abbey, a village with a rich medieval heritage, a guarded swimming area, top festivals (music, literature...) and a lot of excursions to do in the area.”
    - Mura, 25 exchanges

  4. Cantalojas, Spain
    “The Hayedo de Tejera Negra (Nature Park) is wonderful at this time (autumn season) and just 45 minutes from our house. Most people, especially people from Madrid, know of the nature park from Montejo but the one from Tejera Negra is even bigger!”
    - Beatriz, 2 exchanges

5. Thorens-Glières, France
“(The Glières Plateau is) beautiful is both summer and winter with breathtaking nature. (And it’s great for) Hiking or cross-country skiing.”
- Martine, >30 exchanges

6. Clisson, France

“A small city whose Italian-inspired architecture has been preserved. Surrounded by greenery and a river crossing through it, it is a jewel of the Nantes vineyard. It surprises you by taking you through time and space. An unmissable discovery, which should probably remain secret...! "
- Amandine, 5 exchanges

7. Plentzia, Spain

“It is a walk that runs along the coast and leaves beautiful views. Both at the beginning and at the end, there is the possibility of taking the subway which is just perfect!”
- Zuriñe, 12 exchanges

8. Massachusetts, USA

“It is historical (during the American revolution). The North Bridge Visitor Center at Minute Man National Historical Park is housed in the former mansion of Stedman Buttrick Sr., an heir of Major John Buttrick who led the Patriot attack on the British soldiers guarding the North Bridge on the morning of April 19, 1775.
Beautiful and peaceful park to walk and to get to know more about American history. The city of Concord, MA is also very quaint and has many lovely restaurants.”
- Oliver, 5 exchanges

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Whether by giving you the opportunity to travel to lesser-known destinations, or with the sharing of tips and recommendations from your fellow exchange partners, HomeExchange offers you the possibility to live like a local all over the world.

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