HomeExchange is, above all, a story of trust, sharing, and hospitality. Our community is based on an exchange of houses and apartments and each Member is both a guest and a host. Even with GuestPoints, an exchange is an exchange that is both unique and human. The 6 principles, which we worked on together with a group of ambassadors, are fundamental. Why? Our Members can tell you better!

1. To be welcomed is promising to welcome in return

“We were so blown away by our host’s kindness and generosity in her home, she had everything prepared so nicely for us! We are still in contact and she might even possibly come to visit us in the US and we can’t wait to have her at home and return her kindness!”
- Jessica, United States

2. Communication is key

“We carefully selected each party, had spirited video chats with each one and worked hard to arrange logistics, cleanings, and communications to assure all our guests were happy and comfortable. They all thoroughly enjoyed their stay.”
- Charles, United States, 71 exchanges

3. It is a pleasure to host

“Vanessa was just as exceptional as her apartment. We told her that  we were going to Paris for our little girl's birthday. Upon arrival, Vanessa and her children presented the  beautiful chocolate cake they baked with candles and a small gift for our Claire. What thoughtful touches!”
- Sophie, Belgium

4. Exchanging tips about the neighborhood or your favorite restaurants is appreciated

“It's a great opportunity to explore a place like a local. We felt that we stepped into our host's life for 10 days in Brooklyn, going to the places they go (we even said hello to a server in a restaurant for them).”
- Tim and Kemila, Canada, 23 exchanges

5. Never too many ‘Thank you’s

“I arrived home after a long flight to find my house impeccably clean, my plants watered and my fridge full of milk, wine, cheese, fruit... all accompanied with a thank you note and a small gift! Thanks to the 4 members who made these 5 weeks of exchange an unforgettable moment!”  
- Marianne, Australia, 27 exchanges

6. Our differences bring us together

and the respect of your exchange partner’s  is fundamental, that goes without saying! "email them in advance with your expectations regarding everything from cleaning, smoking, what they can use, etc. Do it in a friendly way! Ask if they have any questions. Keep in touch. Communication is the key to a successful exchange.”
- Linda, Australia, 29 exchanges

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