Dear HomeExchangers,

As you know, home-exchanging is more than just another form of accommodation. It is an amazing experience that allows you to live as a local anywhere in the world, as well as to meet other Members from all over the globe and to create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

What makes it even more special is the generosity between our Members. As we try to emphasize in our fundamental principles, HomeExchange is a gracious exchange of hospitality! Whether you need help getting around the city, or you’re just looking for tips on how to consume locally during your exchange, your host is here to help you. We love seeing the nice gestures between our Members, from the preparation of their homes, to the gifts they leave for each other.

Some Members have shared with us great stories of acts of kindness they have received from their guests or hosts. We enjoyed reading about it so much, we thought it would be nice to share it with you!

“When we finally arrived from Canada to our exchange home in Dublin, the host (who was also on an exchange elsewhere) had arranged for his daughter to prepare the house for us. Arriving to a gorgeous home with a crackling fire burning on the hearth and a fantastic meal of delicious homemade stew, fresh salad and cold white wine was so welcoming and appreciate.”

- Karen, 26 exchanges

“After two wonderful exchanges in Alsace, we received care packages full of treats the following Christmas.”

- Christiane, 19 exchanges

“Among the few exchanges we have had, in Quebec, we were received with a basket of local products as well as a museum pass [...]. When we have guests, they always find on their arrival a good wine bottle, homemade jam, and organic bread from the village’s bakery [...]. With these nice gestures, the exchange is off to a great start.”

- Violette, 8 exchanges

“I have received so many gifts and delicious local treats from hosts and guests over the years! This year, my guest, Suzy, brought me really thoughtful gifts from the US [...] and she cooked me delicious meals. I can’t wait to see her in a few weeks at her home in Florida!”

- José, 20 exchanges

“Thanks to all the foreign and French families who welcomed us with so much generosity and kindness [...] since 1989, they enabled our kids to learn about tolerance, sharing, and different languages. We are still in contact with Americans, Irish, Austrians, Germans who became true friends. Thank you to all of you.”

- Annie, 27 exchanges

“Our first exchange was in Barcelona. We had a medical appointment there and we decided to take advantage of our trip to visit the city for a few days. Our host left us her car space in the garage, as we needed it to go to the hospital for the appointment. She also left us her public transport passes and offered to make dinner for us in case we returned late from the hospital.”

- Yolanda, 6 exchanges

“I have felt kindness in all the exchanges I’ve done. This summer in France, we were welcomed by our host’s aunt, a lovely lady. She didn’t speak Spanish. She met us for dinner and told us that she could take us to Carrefour to go grocery shopping because it was 3km away and there was no direct bus. She told us to call her in case of emergency or if we needed to go grocery shopping again.”

- Ana, 22 exchanges

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