Organize a home exchange with HomeExchange

Whether you are a newcomer to home exchange or a regular to home exchange, you may not have understood everything about GuestPoints. Here’s how to arrange a home exchange with GuestPoints.

The 2 types of home exchanges on HomeExchange

On HomeExchange you can organize 2 types of home exchanges.

Reciprocal exchanges

Home exchanges can be reciprocal: you stay at the home of a member who comes to yours. You can even exchange on different dates for different lengths of time. It’s flexible and easy to arrange with another member.

Reciprocal exchange

Non-reciprocal exchanges using GuestPoints

Home exchange can be non-reciprocal thanks to our GuestPoints system; you earn GuestPoints by hosting, and you spend them by staying nights at another member’s home. Your host earns points from your stay and can then use them to go elsewhere.

Non-reciprocal exchange

You earn GuestPoints by hosting, and you spend them when staying at another member’s home. 🙂
For these exchanges:

  • The host (the person hosting) can require his guest to purchase Service Plus.
  • The Guest will have the option to pay Service Plus (10€/night during the exchange) or they can become an Optimal member (130€/year)

What are GuestPoints?

GuestPoints allow you to travel where and whenever you want.

The GuestPoint system was created to facilitate non-reciprocal home exchanges. Reciprocal home exchanges can sometimes be difficult to organize because it might be hard to find another member that wants to go on vacation to your home during the same dates that you want to go to theirs.

This is the reason HomeExchange invented GuestPoints, a points system used to organize free non-reciprocal exchanges.

Your house is measured in GuestPoints/night.

By registering all your home information, the site will automatically give a GuestPoints value to your home.

If your home is valued at 100 GuestPoints/night: each member who comes to your home for a non-reciprocal exchange will have to give you 100 GuestPoints for each night they stay at your home.

Tip: you can decrease your GuestPoints’ amount/night. If you set your GuestPoints/night below 150, you will receive more requests!

How to organize an exchange with GuestPoints?

Welcome gift: 1150 GuestPoints offered to try home exchange!

By registering you will automatically receive 1150 GuestPoints when your profile is 100% complete. Use these GuestPoints to be hosted by one of our members on an exchange.

How to do a home exchange with GuestPoints?

We advise you to propose the 2 types of exchange. For example, write to one of our members and ask “Would you be interested in a reciprocal exchange, if not, would you be interested in hosting me for GuestPoints?”

How to earn GuestPoints?

  • Hosting members in your home during non-reciprocal exchanges
  • Becoming an Optimal member will earn you an extra 500GP.
  • Verifying your account and identity with our team will help boost your standing within our community and you will receive 100 additional GuestPoints.

Are you missing GuestPoints to finalize an exchange?

To earn GuestPoints, you can:

  • Refer HomeExchange to your friends
  • Share your home exchange experience
  • You can also buy GuestPoints in small quantities when finalizing an exchange

Are you missing Points to complete an exchange? Don’t stress, contact us at, so we can help you finalize your exchange.

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