Whether you’re new to HomeExchange or you’ve been a long-time Member, we know that the concept of GuestPoints can be a little daunting. The team came together to create a guide to add some clarity to the many ways of exchanging.

What are GuestPoints?

Created to simplify the process for Members exchange their homes, GuestPoints (GP) are your key to a world of adventures. GuestPoints are awarded as a welcome gift, for completing your profile, and for hosting other Members. The more GuestPoints you get, the more exchange opportunities you have at your disposal.

What types of exchanges can you organize with GuestPoints?

With this system, you will still be able to organize both Reciprocal and Non-Reciprocal exchanges. Here’s how it works:

Reciprocal: You host the person whose home you are staying in.

An example would be:
Sam lives in London want to go to Paris for the weekend. Anne lives in Paris and wants to go to London for the weekend. By connecting through HomeExchange, and mutually deciding that they don’t need GuestPoints, they are able to swap homes for the same time frame and each have an amazing experience.

Non-Reciprocal: You go to stay at a hosts home without them coming to stay at your place.

Here an example to show how this could work:
Sam lives in London and wants to go to Paris for a weekend. Sam sends a request to Anne who lives in Paris. Anne is not interested in going to London as she is currently planning a 2-week trip with her family to the United States. Because of GuestPoints, Sam and Anne don’t have to worry about their different agendas. Sam will give Anne GuestPoints to stay at her place, and Anne will be able to use these GuestPoints to arrange her trip to the United States.

With the system of GuestPoints, you are able to organize exchanges, no matter timing or length of stay. Allowing you the freedom to choose how you want to exchange!


How is my home’s GuestPoints value calculated?

The value of your home in GuestPoints is calculated using a unique algorithm based on your home’s location, size, number of beds, and the other amenities.

How do I get started with GuestPoints?

When you first join HomeExchange (and your profile is 100% complete), you will receive 1150 GP. Why do we do this? So that Members can experience a home exchange first-hand, and realize that our community and the exchanging are the best way to travel! When it’s this easy, why would you ever stop?

How do I get GuestPoints?

The primary way to get GuestPoints is by hosting fellow Members. These Members will offer you GuestPoints in exchange for their stay, and the GuestPoints will be transferred to your account once the exchange is finalized.

Here’s how you can get GuestPoints when first becoming a Member:

+450 GP as a welcome gift for joining HomeExchange
+350 GP for getting your home’s profile to 100%
+350 GP for completely filling out your personal profile
+500 GP for being an Optimal member
+50 GP for contacting 10 members during your first search
+125 GP for each friend that you refer to HomeExchange who completes both personal and home profiles to 100% (valid for up to 10 friend referrals)

Another easy way to gain +100 GP is to become Verified. Through this free service, we validate both your identity and the address of your home, ensuring that you are a real person and your home address is legitimate. This system not only boosts trust and confidence within the HomeExchange community, but it places you and your home’s listing higher when potential Exchange Partners search for exchanges within your area. Verified Members are signified with a blue checkmark on their profile.

Discover how many GuestPoints you have on your account and start planning your next exchange!

Check how many GuestPoints you have!