There comes a moment in a house swapper’s life when they receive a most delightful surprise. It is when an exchange request goes beyond the expected and transforms into the extraordinary. It happens daily, and all you have to do is check your inbox.

With more than 400,000 listings worldwide, HomeExchange offers a wide variety of homes. From delightful apartments in the heart of Portland to the rolling hills of Tuscany or ocean-side houses in Bali, there are places so beautiful that you have trouble believing they would want to exchange homes with you. But they do! That’s the magic of HomeExchange.

Travel with HomeExchange

Here are some tips on how you can maximize the potential of a truly extraordinary exchange.

Be Prepared

There is something to be said for being lucky, and we know it happens. But, in the end, the best way for good fortune to find you is to be prepared. List a few destinations that you have always dreamed of going into your Preferred Exchanges. That way, Members who live in those locations will see your listing when it shows up with a Reverse Search.

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Seize the Day

That elusive lottery ticket comes up a winner, and you receive an ideal offer. It might be to a location you’ve never heard of, and you can think of this as the chance to discover a whole new corner of the world. You might have to call in a favor to get the time off, but grab it while you can! Check those flights, call in favors and make it happen. But if you can’t…

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Keep in Touch

We understand that life can sometimes get in the way of an incredible adventure. You might have used up all your vacation days, or the dates are the same as your child’s recital. We completely get it. Just because it doesn’t work now, doesn’t mean it might not work in the future. Keep in contact with your new friend and see if, at some point, something could work out. In the end, at least you can share the story of the beach-front condo in Puerto Vallarta who wanted to exchange with you.

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Take an Active Role

Sure, opening up your Inbox and discovering an enchanting offer is a fantasy come to life. Sometimes it takes a little encouragement to get there. Take a chance and message that Loire Valley Chateau you added to your Favorites list months ago. Explain a bit about why you love their house and, who knows; they just might fall in love with yours in return. Don’t talk yourself out of the exchange before you give it a chance. The worst thing that can happen is that they say no, and the best… well, we’ll let your imagination take it from there.

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No matter the size or location of your home, there are members out there looking for a place just like yours! Don’t stop dreaming and, who knows, your next exchange request could be “the one.”

Travel with HomeExchange