Are you hoping to go on your next vacation, but find yourself needing more GuestPoints to make an exchange? Does this mean that your dreams of a relaxing getaway are dashed? Not at all! From hosting guests to filming videos about your experience, HomeExchange has a variety of ways you can earn GuestPoints that you can use to finalize your exchange.

Plan your next trip

Complete your profile and listing

This is perhaps the easiest way to earn guest points, and all you have to do is set up your profile! You can receive 450 GuestPoints just for creating your account, another 350 GuestPoints for completing your profile, and an additional 350 GuestPoints when you complete your first listing. These are great for members who are just getting started with HomeExchange and would like to try being a guest before dipping their toes into hosting. After you finish setting up your profile and listing, you can earn a total of 1,150 GuestPoints!

Become a verified member

Another way to earn GuestPoints is by becoming a verified member. By verifying your first listing, you not only earn 100 GuestPoints, but you also increase the trust between you and other members and can make finalizing exchanges even easier.

Host some members in your home


The very best way to earn additional GuestPoints is by hosting your fellow HomeExchange members. HomeExchange has several ways to swap homes: reciprocal, non-reciprocal, and hospitality. With a hospitality and non-reciprocal exchange, you can earn a certain amount of GuestPoints per night.

A non-reciprocal exchange allows you to offer your home in exchange for GuestPoints, which you can then use to go on another exchange if you are not interested in staying at your guest’s home.

A hospitality exchange involves offering only a part of your home rather than the whole property. This can be a bedroom, or even an entire wing of the home. It allows you to earn GuestPoints that you could use for a future exchange without you having to leave your home at all.

Find an exchange

Refer a friend

If you love spreading the word about HomeExchange and would like some more GuestPoints, you can refer up to 10 friends and earn 50 GP per person when they sign up and complete their profile and listing. When they activate their membership, you will receive an additional 200 GP per referral. This means that if you sponsor 10 friends and they all complete their profile, listing, and activate their membership, you could earn up to 2500 GP!

Renew your membership


Did you know that you can earn 250 GuestPoints by automatically renewing your membership? If you renew before or within 48 hours after your membership expires, you can earn GuestPoints to use for a future trip.

Start earning GuestPoints

It can be disheartening when you don’t have enough GuestPoints to fund a much-anticipated HomeExchange getaway, but knowing how to earn enough to finalize your exchange can empower you to go on more trips. Now that you’re familiar with all the ways you can earn GuestPoints, you’re ready to set off on your next adventure!