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This story of an adventurous home exchange in Italy was shared with us by an anonymous member.

1. Where did you go on home exchange?

I chose to get to know the northern part of Italy and stayed at Arzene, province of Pordenone.

2. How did you choose your destination and home exchange?

I wanted to find a place that would be close to bigger cities like Venice and Trieste, while still being in the middle of nature and close to Dolomites. Friuli-Venezia Giulia seemed to fit the bill.


3. What was the conversation like with your host?

My hostess, Daniela, was a wonderful woman - a true, warm, hospitable Italian lady, with a wealth of knowledge about the surrounding areas, suggestions as to where to go and how to get there.

4. Your arrival: How was the house? Did you meet your host? Did they give you any gifts or tips for visiting the area?

I arrived quite late in the evening, but was greeted by the entire family! Tomatoes, grapes (picked the very day from their own garden) waited for me in the kitchen along with a few other culinary delights, and every member of the family was giving me ideas, pointers, suggestions... In short - as warm and wonderful welcome as one could ever wish for.


5. How did exchanging your home influence your vacation, compared to a traditional vacation rental?

I saved the money I would have had to pay for a vacation rental and had thus a plethora of other options I would otherwise not have been able to afford. I rented a car and travelled all around the region. Also, having the family close by made it for a lovely and cozy environment.

6. Tell us what you saw during your trip.

I hiked in Dolomites, visited Venice, Trieste, Pordenone, Treviso, climbed mountains and marvelled at Italian lakes, visited castles and monasteries and caves, and ate enough pizza to last me a lifetime. Well, not really - am more than happy to return and repeat the whole thing the first chance I get.


7. Bonus Question: What is the best memory from your trip?

It is quite a fruitless attempt trying to single out one memory, but I must say that the views afforded by the Barcis lake were simply breathtaking!

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