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    Exchange vacation homes - Italy

    Going on a home exchange in Italy is a great way to discover the country. Not only do you save money on accommodations but you also enjoy the destination as a local and not so much as a tourist. Your exchange partners will be able to tell you about their favorite pizzerias and trattorias or which places are “must sees”.There are so many things to visit in Italy that you just might want to arrange for time in a variety of Italian regions, breaking up your trips and home exchanges. There are houses and apartments available for vacations throughout Italy.If your trip will only last a few days, we recommend focusing on the cities. A trip to Rome, Milan, Venice, Naples or Bologna would be ideal to enjoy leisure and culture and discover the beauty of Italian cities. If, on the other hand, you have more time during your vacation, for example a week or two, you can look for an exchange in a more rural or mountainous area: in northern Italy you will find the area of ​​the Como and Garda lakes, full of charming villages and alpine landscapes; in the center you can discover wonderful Tuscany and the wine growing area of ​​Chianti, full of vineyards and green passages that will make you fall in love; further south you will find Sorento, Capri, Bari and Italy’s beaches. You can also find many home exchanges on Italy’s islands. In both Sardinia and Sicily there are families willing to leave their home for the holidays while they travel to yours or to another exchange destination. If you want to go on a trip throughout Italy, you can schedule different home exchanges to visit the entire country in an authentic and affordable way.

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