HomeExchange is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, and we couldn't celebrate this anniversary without honoring our community! We first wanted to thank our most faithful members, the "old-timers", who have been there since the beginning or nearly so, who bring their experience with a thousand and one stories to share, but we also wanted to highlight the new generations of HomeExchangers. Whether they are children of members, young adults who swapped with their parents before taking off on their own on HomeExchange, or simply new to home exchange, these new generations of members help make our community so special.

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Children of Members, Who Love to Travel with Their Parents

home swapping children discover the world and learn with HomeExchange-Sophie

Home exchange is just as much fun for kids as it is for their parents: new rooms and toys for every trip, sometimes a garden or pool, pets to take care of, meeting new people, discoveries and adventures galore... Kids love it!

"Our children loved our hosts' large field to play ball and hide in, the toys, and the children's costumes, but this exchange was also very rich for them on the cultural level: they discovered the D-Day beaches, the American and German cemeteries, the Mont Saint Michel, and also the local specialties”.


“HomeExchange expanded the world view of my siblings and me from a young age. It instilled in us the value of learning about new cultures and traveling the world authentically. We didn't feel like tourists, we lived the life of the local inhabitants. We assumed their daily routines, played with their neighbors, rode their bikes, and watched their DVDs. It inspired me and my siblings to explore the world on our own as we became adults. There were times that we would overlap a few days with guests in our home,  and getting to know them and show them special things about our city was such a joy. Many of the families that stayed at our house became good friends with our neighbors and friends. HomeExchange gave us the sense that the world was so vast and yet so small and interconnected”.


In addition to these advantages and benefits, home exchanging also allows HomeExchange parents to teach their children the key values of welcoming, sharing and caring that are part of the HomeExchange DNA.

"For our first exchange in Italy, our son understood that another child was coming to stay at our home, and he prepared a gift and a drawing for her. During our stay, he often mentioned the little Italian girl who took care of his toys!"


"It was our first exchange and my daughter loved it, she wanted us to stay forever. But above all, she gained perspective on what she loves about home, hers and others’, and  that lending her house and therefore her room to other families could be enriching and allow us to discover other places. Before this exchange, she would never have lent her room!"


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Children of Adult Members, Who Continue to Travel with HomeExchange


Some of these well traveled children don't stop when they leave home! As adults, they continue to choose vacations through HomeExchange by exchanging their own house, apartment or even studio for university students.

"When we heard about home exchange, my parents immediately fell in love with the concept... as for me, at the time I was a schoolgirl,  only moderately motivated by the idea of lending my room to strangers. We discussed it as a family, and little by little, I started to play the game. Sending requests to find a swap partner, thinking about the gift we were going to give to our guests, preparing my room, cooking for our traditional "dating dinner"... all these little things started to become a real pleasure, against all odds. I still remember our first reciprocal exchange with a Danish family. My heart was in my throat when we left them, so magical was the moment! A few years and exchanges later, when I settled in my little Parisian studio, one of the first things I thought of was to register, in turn, on HomeExchange. "


“I always knew I'd continue with HomeExchange even when I became an independent adult. I wanted to continue visiting places around the world with the authenticity I had experienced with HomeExchange. Friends showed me pictures of their cruises, resorts, travel tour groups with full itineraries, etc. This way of traveling did not appeal to me. When I got my own apartment I started my own HomeExchange account. HomeExchange has allowed me to explore places that would become my future home. I currently live in Puerto Vallarta after traveling here with my siblings as adults, and falling in love with this part of Mexico. My partner and I are currently planning to travel the world and use HomeExchange to explore more potential future cities to live in”.


Those New Members Discovering Home Exchange

story new member HomeExchange-Anne-Lise

​​And of course, new generations of HomeExchangers aren't just limited to blood relations. Everyday, with our communications and your referrals, new people are joining the community, forming a new wave of HomeExchangers who continue to embody our community's values.

Thanks to my friend Ani who told me about her exchange experience and her upcoming trips. I knew right away that the home exchange would meet my need to travel comfortably with my children. She helped me to make my profile and even came to take the pictures of my house. She often gives me tips and promotes my home. I'm glad she talked to me about that beautiful way of traveling.”


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