We've always loved the videos you make during your exchanges, plus those you make of simply being in your own home or area. They’re a true reflection of HomeExchange's values and vision, and exactly the kind of content we'd love to share on our social networks. Why? Because no one can better demonstrate the HomeExchange experience than you! That's why we'd love to have you participate in our little competition where you can share your HomeExchange video experiences with us. And to thank you for taking part, we’ll offer you a little gift...

Send us your video!

How to participate

We’re looking for videos of the casual moments you experience at home, or in your HomeExchange. Whether it’s you enjoying breakfast in the kitchen, playing board games with your loved ones, enjoying a drink in the garden or on the balcony, anything goes! 

Send us a video of you making the most of life, either in your own home or at your HomeExchange or a video showing off your home!

⚠️ Important: For privacy reasons, if a video was filmed during an exchange in your host’s home, you need to make sure they don't mind their home being featured on social networks for the contest.

Video guidelines

  • The video should be filmed in portrait (vertical) format.
  • The video should be of good quality, with good lighting.
  • The video should preferably be around 20 seconds long.
  • No video editing is necessary. Simple, unedited videos are perfect.
  • Any movements in the video should be slow, so that the features of the home and the subject are clearly visible.

In case you need some inspiration, we've put together some videos members have shared with us, and that we love! You'll also find them in the "Contest" highlight on our Instagram account.

Click on the play button to discover the different sample videos!

Submitting your video

Once you've prepared your video, send it to us via the button below:

Send us your video!

If you’re unable to submit it via the form above, you can attach it in an email and send it to social@homeexchange.com with the subject line “Video contest - [First name]”.

What you’ll get for taking part

To thank you for participating, and if your video meets the requirements (marked with a * in the “Video guidelines” section), 75 GuestPoints will be credited to your account on 15th May 2024.

By participating, you also be in with a chance of winning 150 GuestPoints and the coziest plush blanket from The HomeExchange Goodies Shop.

How does this work? We’ll share 5 videos from the videos that have been submitted on our Instagram account @homeexchangecom, then we’ll ask our Instagram followers to vote for their favorite by giving it a like. The video that receives the most number of likes will receive a HomeExchange plush blanket!

Other important information

You have up to 30th April 2024 to send in your video. By sending your video, you agree that HomeExchange can use this for commercial purposes on any of our channels.

We can’t wait to receive your videos and see how you live the HomeExchange experience!

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