Home exchanges are being finalized and embarked upon all over the world this summer. Many HomeExchange members are updating their home descriptions, sanitizing their homes, and exploring places to travel where social distancing will be possible. Members have discovered that home swapping is the best way to feel relaxed and secure on their vacations, especially after several hard months due to the coronavirus.

But don't take our word for it! Our members from our English, French and Spanish Facebook groups shared their plans to travel in July this year. Get inspired by their plans!

Travel with HomeExchange

"We have a GP stay in Iceland starting July 1st and we are welcoming Finnish, Norwegians and Danes for GP stays in our two listings. It has just recently become possible to travel between the Nordic countries except Sweden, so the long decided GP exchange to Iceland suddenly became possible and there are flights available too. I trust the members and am always open for an adventure living like a local, slow travel, meet my host maybe, go for drives, hikes, even some shopping, cooking, kill some rainy days, kill my fear of horses, hot springs, stay safe and practice social distancing like we do at home." -Marit

"Exchanging with a couple in Banff Alberta. We are in Oliver, BC. Expecting the crowds to be down significantly with our Canadian borders closed. We have been to Banff many times over the years since we honeymooned there back in 1974. A favorite destination. Looking forward to many hikes and breathing that fresh mountain air." -Karen

"We have two exchanges in July. One in a small town near Asheville NC and one in the Pisgah Forest, NC. We love HE because they are the perfect safety net, great communication, and always there as a back up when we need help. Can’t wait to enjoy the lush forests and waterfalls of the area." -Lynn

Home exchange- travel in North Carolina

"We are a family of 4 with 2 teenage girls from Paris, France. We always exchange homes for the holidays, about 4 times a year. We had initially planned a road trip in California and Utah with 3 exchanges for July. We had to change our plans. We still wanted to exchange homes, respecting traveling limitations. We are exchanging with a family in French Brittany in July, close to the sea, for guest points. European borders reopened mid June in France. We just got the confirmation that we will welcome in July an Irish web designer who lives in Germany, during our Brittany exchange. He will certainly have a great time in Paris, with fewer oversea tourists this year!" -Isabelle

"After 2 exchanges were cancelled (France and Spain), we'd resigned ourselves to staying home this year. However, on the HE FB site I saw a German family looking for an exchange in July within driving distance as their plans had also fallen through. I sent a quick message and the exchange was arranged - perfect! Then we had a request come through from a Swiss family and a second exchange was finalised within days. So, we went from thinking we'd be off to France and Spain to now going to Germany and Switzerland. I feel swapping homes is a great way to get a change of scenery whilst being able to adhere to all the corona guidelines. We'll take as much as possible with us so that we can limit the number of times we need to shop and we plan on doing Corona-safe things like walking and swimming in lakes - we'll avoid crowds and limit exposure to others. The great thing about swapping with locals is having access to their knowledge about the area - they can provide us with information about the corona guidelines that apply in their area and also suggest the best spots to avoid crowds but get to see and experience the local area." -Gabrielle

"After canceling the initial plans for the summer and with little hope of finding something especially cool, we have achieved a spectacular house with a private pool just for us, in Denia, which is a dream, for the whole second half of July. It's been for GP points and a huge luck!!! And HE for us is that: a huge box full of dreams and illusions. We can't be more grateful always." -Beatriz

Home exchange travelers on vacation

"We are going to Belgium and the Netherlands, to exchange both! We really want to go, we believe that there will also be little tourist and we will feel very welcome." -Laia

"I'm going to Benalmadena to a spectacular attic with spectacular views of Carvajal Beach, which is big enough that we don't have a problem of space to go. We need relaxation and peace after these hard months. And my Huesca Mountain home is going to be occupied by several HomeExchange members as well, I even have U.S. tenants in August!" -Elena

"I am a carrier pigeon and have finalized 4 exchanges for this summer: one against GP in Sables d Olonne, a reciprocal in Dinan, another in Gouesnou near Brest against GP and finally one in Quiberon in reciprocal. I am also in discussion for a short stay in Nantes in GP and for a week in Lyon in GP. You can say I've become a real addicted since my first exchange in 2018." -Laurence  

"In Lavaux in Switzerland on the shore of Lake Geneva (my dream) and in Madrid. The constraints made us discover other possibilities! Yes, it is very important to bear witness to the possibilities!" -Martine

Travel with HomeExchange