As you begin exchanging again, you may wonder how you can improve your home listing in the wake of a global pandemic to draw travelers into your home. Here are some details you can add to your profile and information to give prospective guests to make sure everyone can feel comfortable and safe during their stay.

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Add information on stay-at-home guidelines

If your region has restrictions that are strict, very loose, or somewhere in between, let prospective guests know about them. As a guest searching for a home exchange, feel free to reach out and ask members what things are like where they live. Network with members to learn what is going on in their area, the severity of the coronavirus in the region, how strict guidelines are and how long they will be in place. Get discussion started— ask questions, answer questions, and help people learn where the best place for them to vacation will be.

Proximity to healthcare facilities

Proximity to hospitals, urgent care centers, COVID-19 testing locations, and pharmacies is a helpful detail to add to your home's listing. It can give your guests peace of mind knowing medical facilities aren't far away.

home exchange- update house swap description to improve listing after coronavirus

Cleaning habits

Share details about your cleaning habits, how you clean, whether there will be cleaning products available for guests to use, or your preferred cleaning products. If there are "house rules" related to cleanliness (like no shoes in the house), shout those out too. Guests will be happy to see you're mindful of cleanliness and on top of making sure they have a safe, clean environment to enjoy.

Amenities in your house

Some travelers won't be comfortable straying far from your house— but let them know they don't have to! Include specifics on what there is to do inside your home: tons of cookie cutters, a smart TV, board games, Netflix, kids' toys, a library, an impressive collection of records, workout equipment, etc. Even if tourist attractions and restaurants are closed to the public, there's probably plenty of entertainment in your home!

Outdoor spaces

Let potential guests know they will have room to breathe and get fresh air, even if you just have a little outdoor space. Include whether guests can dine al fresco, if you have outdoor toys or a swing set for kids, a sprinkler, patio, herb garden, grill, etc. These small details can make a big difference in helping someone decide that your home is a great vacation spot.

home exchange- update house swap description to improve listing after coronavirus

Nearby food options

If there are restaurants providing takeout or curbside pickup in your neighborhood, mention your favorites! Also include grocery stores open near your home if members want to cook their own meals. Knowing there will be delicious, local food available can be a big draw.

Spotlight local businesses

Mention the local businesses in your area that make your location desirable. Hardware stores, mom and pop shops, pet stores, art shops, convenience stores, thrift shops— if you frequent a place, your guests may love it too! Let potential guests know in advance what to expect and how to plan their trip.

Local virtual activities

If your town has any virtual or socially distanced activities going on in the next few months, highlight them in your home listing so prospective guests can enjoy them and get to know the culture of your region, too!

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