Do you want to get away from your routine and go on a relaxing vacation away from the crowds? Check out our five favorite destinations for a unique and authentic home exchange in the European countryside.

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1- Visit the Midi-Pyrénées region in France


The Pyrenees

What could be better than a breath of fresh air and sun to invigorate you during your vacation? With its multiple landscapes and activities, the sunny region in the south of France could warm the heart of any traveler. Between its cultural heritage and bucolic landscapes, the Midi-Pyrenees have something to appeal to all tastes. The Pyrenees are home to a huge national park, numerous ski resorts and hikes for all levels. If you're looking for something different, why not try the hot springs? The people in the region are known for their love of excellent local products: Roquefort, local wines, truffles, foie gras, and duck are among the best specialties of the Midi-Pyrenees region.

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2 - Take a breath of fresh air in Galicia in Spain



A stay in Galicia is one of the best ways to discover Spain, opposite its noisy cities and the Mediterranean coast. The locals are as proud of being “Galician” as Spanish, and not for nothing! Still preserved from mass tourism, the Galician countryside is covered with lush hills from the interior to the Atlantic coast where you can find small coves protected from the ocean’s waves. Apart from its wild beaches, Galicia is home to the Camino de Santiago routes. For nature lovers, its six national parks offer magnificent greenery to explore. Galicia also promises tasty wines, accompanied by a variety of seafood.

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3 - Discover the Italian countryside in Umbria


The Umbrian countryside

Valleys and green hills characterize this relaxing region in central Italy. With fewer than a million inhabitants, this predominantly rural region is the ideal place for tourists seeking an escape from the activity of metropolitan areas. Between picturesque hilltop villages nestled in a countryside of woods and olive trees, travelers can enjoy a number of activities. You can browse the well-organized network of hiking and biking trails, visit the Marmore waterfalls, or follow one of Umbria's four "wine routes.”

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4 - Go on an adventure in the Douro Valley in Portugal


The Douro River, at the heart of the Douro Valley

This valley in northern Portugal owes its name to the Douro River, which originates in Spain and empties into the Atlantic Ocean in the city of Porto. A wine region known for its famous port wine, the Douro valley offers breathtaking views of its vineyards — classified as a World Heritage by UNESCO since 2001. The vineyards follow one another as far as the eye can see and color the hilly landscape with shades of yellow and green. This region is decorated with small and welcoming villages, and traversed by the majestic Douro River. Don't miss lunch in a vineyard, and take the time to chat with the locals and enjoy a glass of local port wine!

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5 - Discover the grandeur of the Vestlandet mountains in Norway


A national tourist route in Vestlandet, Norway

One of the five most important regions of Norway, Vestlandet is located along the Atlantic coast of southern Norway. It offers tourists a spectacular view. Mainly mountainous, the Vestlandet region also has a fjord jutting out of its side, home to Europe’s largest glacier, and breathtaking waterfalls. One fun activity for travelers is to follow one of Norway’s national tourist routes. Developed by the Norwegian Ministry of Public Works, the majority of these roads are in the Vestlandet. They offer travelers a magnificent view of the countryside’s natural beauty.

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