Are you dreaming of a European getaway with your family? With so much variety and over forty countries, it can be hard to choose where to go. Satisfying the desires of different family members also poses a challenge, as well as finding some place suitable for children of different ages, from babies to adults. Europe has something for everyone though, and with the right research is ready to receive you for an unforgettable family vacation.

Ready to embark together and make memories here? HomeExchange is here to welcome families across the continent, with hosts to let you and your loved ones make a home-away-from-home beneath their roof. It's the perfect way to stay to make European trips for families comfortable and affordable. Read on to discover our best trips to Europe for families and more about how HomeExchange can host you.

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1. Greater London

london best trips to europe for families

London is what one might call Europe for beginners. For many English speakers traveling abroad for the first time, it's an approachable introduction and gateway to a continent of culture where they can get around with the ease of speaking in their native tongue. Never is that more comforting than traveling with small children who sometimes have particular needs that may arise.

If you're not sure you're ready to take on Continental Europe as a family, consider giving your first family Euro trip a go in the greater London area. See historic sites like Big Ben and the Tower of London, and watch your children marvel at the sight of the Crown Jewels! Visit the British Museum to discover ancient Egyptian artefacts and more, and the original Madame Tussaud's to take snaps with figures of all your favorite celebrities. Ride around on a double-decker bus and stop to see the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace, take a tradtional afternoon or high tea, or do a bit of shopping at Harrod's. Speaking of shopping, kids will love London's world famous toy store, Hamleys.  If you bore of the London sites, it's easy to pop out of the city by train for the day to explore places like Warwick or Windsor castles.

London has something for every member of the family wether it's dining, sightseeing, shopping, or more. With kids, it's always great as well to be able to pop into a pup for an easy bite of fish and chips which they'll love. London welcomes loved ones traveling together from near and far as one of the best Europe vacations for families.

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3. Germany's Black Forest

black forest germany european trips for families

Germany's Black Forest is our favorite fairytale destination for a family vacation in Europe. This enchanting region offers endless opportunities for family bonding and exploration, seamlessly blending nature, culture, and a bit of magic. It's calm, pristine, and relaxing but never dull, and sure to delight you and your family at every turn from its hundreds of fairytale castles, lush hiking trails, and charming towns.

Why not begin in Baden-Baden, the Black Forest's most famous spa town? Get a bit of rest and relaxation at one of their various world famous spas, several of which welcome children above the age of seven. Then venture into the forest to see the majestic woods and Tribourg Waterfalls. As you explore, watch children marvel at the region's hundreds of castles, including the ever impressive Neuschwanstein Castle high atop a rugged foothill of The Alps, and the nearby Swan Lake. Don't miss trying the culinary specialties either, whether its gourmet breakfasts topped with local berries, Spätzle (the local German answer to pasta), brezels, or the best beer money can buy.

Wether you choose to visit in the warm summer months to make the most of the outdoors, or travel to see the wonderland the region becomes each winter once covered in snow, the Black Forest is one of the best Europe vacations for families. Your vacation memories together here will feel and look like a family storybook!

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2. The South of France

south of france best europe vacation families

While you may or may not want to pass by Paris before, the South of France is probably better suited for a family vacation, with more space to spread out, discover, and enjoy. Provence and the Côte d'Azur are an ideal destination for those looking for the best European vacations for families, because there is so much to explore and something for everyone.

Flying into large cities like Nice or Marseille is easy direct from abroad or via a quick change of planes in the capital. From continental Europe, it's also easily accessible and explorable via car or local and international train lines. From Montpellier to Menton, there is no shortage of things to see in the South of France. Explore the seaside towns of the Mediterranean all around Nice, and walk the famous Promenade des Anglais together watching the sunset while eating ice cream. Fall in love with fragrances in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, or spend afternoons learning to play pétanque across the most magnificent parts of Provence like the Luberon. Beyond gorgeous hilltop towns and breathtaking beaches, places like the lavender fields of the Plateau de Valensole and the pink salt flats of the Camarague will wow you. Plus, they also make the perfect backdrop for fantastic family photos.  

Wether you choose to see it all, or savor a particular region of the south more slowly, the allure of the South of France escapes no one. As one of the most beautiful places in the world, it's a great destination for families looking for endless exploration together.

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4. Tuscany in Italy

While it can be tempting to take off to the hustle and bustle of Rome, with kids such a city can be a bit hectic. Instead, we recommend families keen to visit Italy to enjoy time together in Tuscany. Here you'll find more space to breathe and explore as a family, without missing the history, culture, and cuisine that draws so many to Italy.

Start in the fashionable Florence to enjoy stylish boutiques and worldclass museums like the Pitti Palace and the Uffiizi Gallery, where seeing works like Botticelli's "The Birth of Venus" and other masterpieces might just spark your young one's interest in art. After, head to the hilltop town of Siena for a gorgeous view from this medieval walled city that is a UNESCO world heritate site. Then, discover the quaint and colorful sea-side towns of the Tuscan coast known as the Cinque-Terre. Kids will love swimming at their beaches and the scenic train ride to visit them. Between all of the above, you'll enjoy gorgeous rolling hills, and can stop and discover dozens of ancient ruins worth visiting for archeological lovers young and old.

What's another family favorite in Italy? Amazing pasta and gelato all over of course. Young children can sometimes be picky eaters, and traveling tends to bring it out. Here in Italy though, they can eat their hearts out with all their favorites but better, like spectacular pasta, pizza, and desserts to keep theie tummies full as your tour all over Tuscany.  

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5. Mainland Greece

greece best vacation families europe

Many of us think of island hopping when it comes to visiting Greece, but the reality of loading kids on and off long, crowded, and increasingly expensive ferry rides doesn't sound like vacation to many parents. Plus, once on the islands car travel often be inconvenient, leaving parents with small children unable to take scooters and quads to local beaches out of options.

While island names like Santorini, Paris, Mykonos and more are most synonymous with a holiday in Greece, don't overlook all the mainland has to offer. It's coastline is just as extraordinary as that of the Greek isles for any family looking to enjoy the country's crystal clear turquoise waters on their European family vacation. Even once summer subsides, Greece remains one of the best Europe vacations for families thanks to all the history it has to offer. From Thessaloniki in the north, to the Acropolis in Athens, to Olympia in the Peloponnese and everything in between, kids and adults alike will be fascinated to discover the ancient history and ruins of this cradle of civilisation.

In Greece, delicious and affordable food everyone will appreciate is also readily available. Gyros and fries anyone? Yum! Plus, for families looking for the advantage of not breaking the break on their European holiday, mainland Greece can also be much more affordable than many of its island destinations. You can save on expensive domestic flights and ferries by renting a car instead, and conveniently driving the mainland to discover its beauty.

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European Trips for Families with HomeExchange

european trips for families

It's never too soon to start discovering the world with your kids. Europe will spark their curiosity for culture, cuisine, language, and so much more, so why not begin planning a family vacation here with HomeExchange? HomeExchange has thousands of highly rated hosts across the continent ready to let you and your loved ones make yourselves at home in Europe for an unforgettable family vacation. It's a comfortable and affordable way to travel that allows your family to feel at home abroad, no matter how far you've traveled. Gather your passports and start planning to visit one of these destinations for the best Europe vacations for families. These memories together will be so precious!