Feeling a bit freezing back at home? Wanting to warm up somewhere with some more sunshine? Just in need of a little escape? Let's turn up the heat on your travels without breaking your budget. Whether it's winter or not, you'll find the high temperatures you're looking for without the high prices in these warm weather destinations. So ditch the cold and start packing for your pick from our list of favorites. From Gulf Shores to Goa, you'll find the weather is fine and the prices affordable here, no matter the time of year if you know where to look! First though, learn more about HomeExchange and how you can use it to travel to cheap warm places to travel...

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Cheap Warm Places to Travel in the US

To warm up state side it's all about the south. The southernmost states enjoy warm weather year round. Even in the depths of winter, don't despair. You don't need a passport to thaw out. Take a road trip down to these great cheap warm places to travel. In our list you'll find a bit everything, starting with gorgeous gulf beaches.

St. Petersburg, Florida

cheapest warm places to travel st petersburg florida

Famous for its mild winters, Florida (the sunshine state!) is a favorite for the cheap warm places to travel in the winter months and year round. With 1,350 miles of coastline, there are tons of beautiful beach destinations to choose from that won't break the bank. A personal favorite of ours is St. Petersburg (not be be confused with the very cold Russian city of the same name). It's often called the Sunshine City and in addition to its tropical weather, it has raving reviews about its local art scene, culinary offering, and shopping. For cheap warm places to visit in December in USA, consider a Florida Christmas!

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Gulf Shores, Alabama

cheapest warm places to travel

Alabama isn't exactly known for as a world famous beach destination, but perhaps it should be – for budget travelers at the very least. Its ability to fly under the radar with its white sandy beaches you'll find in Gulf Shores makes it one of our favorite cheap warm places to travel in the US. Here there is a great local mix and old and new that you'll appreciate along with the nice weather year round. Another affordable local aspect is nature, migratory bird watching and sea turtles that you can observe for free (without disturbing them in their natural habitat of course!).

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Tucson, Arizona

cheap warm places to travel in december

Arizona is a snowbird favorite as when the temperatures drops up north, those who can't stand the cold head down here for some sunshine in the dessert. The cost of living in Tucson is relatively low, compared to other destinations in Arizona like Scottsdale for example. These affordable prices trickle down to tourists as well with great affordable dining options (delicious Mexican cuisine!) and an array of accommodations for all price ranges. Free things we love for budget travelers here are strolling and enjoying the local architecture of the old town and hiking in the hills to see the majestic giant saguaro cactuses!

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New Orleans, Louisiana

cheap warm places to travel in february

Even in winter the weather is warm and mild in New Orleans, and in the summertime things can get hot and sticky down here in the big easy. But no matter the time of year or the reasons you choose to come, New Orleans remains one of our long time favorites for cheap warm places to travel year round. It's one of the best cheap warm places to travel in February because Mardi Gras almost always falls around this month and the city is as alive as ever. Year round here you can enjoy some of the most extraordinary history, architecture, dining, and music in the United States, and you'll be hard pressed to catch a chill during any of it.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

cheapest places to travel us

Sin City is another desert destination we love as one of the best cheap warm places to travel in the US. When the sun shines the weather is fine here in Las Vegas. Vegas has 292 sunny days a year, so it's almost always warm in fact. That makes it great to for sitting poolside, walking up the strip, visiting the neon graveyard, tasting all the amazing food (Top chefs come from all over the world to open restaurants here). You don't have to be a high roller through to take a chance in Vegas. If you want to gamble for a bit of fun without breaking the bank, for just a cent you can spin the reels and take a shot at a big win with the casino's penny slots.

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Cheap Warm Places to Travel Worldwide

If you want to expand your horizons, go further for some sun and feel the heat in places like Asia, South America, and the Southern Hemisphere. If you're looking for cheap warm places to travel in December, January, February, it's always good to head south and hang around the equator for high temps and low prices. Check out these destinations to warm up in winter and all year round.

Goa, India

cheapest warm places to travel goa india

Depending on where you're coming from, getting to Goa can be a bit pricey. Once there however, you can enjoy all its beauty for fairly little. What little you do spend, is well worth it as this incredible destination offers warm weather year round, beautiful beaches, dreamy canals, historic places of worship, stunning local architecture and of course amazing food. It's no wonder that Indians and foreigners alike love Goa. Because winter is dry season, it's one of the best cheap places to travel in December all the way through to March.

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Chiang Mai, Thailand

cheap warm places to travel asia

Thailand is a very popular budget friendly destination, but if you hit the right places at the wrong time the prices can actually be quite explosive. If you're not totally set on the beach, consider the incredible Chiang Mai in the mountains of the north. It's largely considered to be less expensive than Bangkok or Phuket, but offers the same incredible warm south asian weather year round with all the enchantment of Thailand. You'll love the local dining scene and exploring its historic Buddhist Temples.

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Marrakech, Morrocco

cheap warm places to travel marrakech

For an exotic and enthralling destination that is just a stone's throw from Europe, there is no place like Morocco. This country on the whole is worth a visit, but Marrakech remains its most popular spot. While it can snow in winter in the nearby Atlas Mountains, in the city itself it can be as warm as 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius) this time of year. Summer can be quite hot, but spring and autumn are perfect for pool lounging at your personal riad, and browsing the local markets for good eats and bargaining for treasures to take home.

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Canary Islands, Spain

cheapest warm places to travel canary islands

After the holidays, some people in Europe like heading to the alps to kick off ski season. Others just want to warm up. If that's you, choose the Canary Islands for from our cheap warm places to travel. Even the tourism site greats you with "hello from the best climate in the world"! It's one of the best cheap warm places to travel in January and February, as on average there are only 3 or 4 days of rain per month and highs that hang around 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). Plus it's fairly affordable, not just be in large thanks to amazing free activities like hiking, kite surfing, surfing, swimming, and more.

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Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

cheapest warm places to travel santo domingo

We can't forget the Caribbean for cheap warm weather destinations year round. If you're looking for the best place to warm up in the Carribean without breaking the bank, consider Santo Domingo. It's actually the older settlement in the americas and almost 600 years old! So, in addition so amazing weather, there is history to enjoy along with amazing cuisine. The Dominican Republic is known to be much more affordable than its neighbors, Jamaica and The Bahamas where an average hotel price is as much as $500 less per night.

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