Looking to vacation in a Spanish-speaking getaway destination? Spanish is the official language of the following 20 countries, so if you're a native speaker (or even trying to practice the language), there are many great places to travel. There are 450 million native speakers of Spanish in the world, according to Babbel, making it the second most spoken language in the world.

Here are seven vacation destinations where Spanish is the official language. Not all of them are spanish-speaking countries with beaches, but they all have many HomeExchanges, so you can travel affordably and live like a local on your vacation in nature or in the city center.

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: Costa Rica

Vacation in Costa Rica

Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has something for everyone, and is a great family vacation destination. If you're up for adventure, try ziplining, rafting, or horseback riding. If nature destinations are your style, enjoy hot springs and volcanoes. Costa Rica is also one of the spanish-speaking countries with beaches from this list, if you simply want to relax under the sun. Pack your sunscreen and mosquito repellant and enjoy a well-deserved break in this rainforested Central American country.

To save money and enjoy an affordable Costa Rica vacation, stay in a HomeExchange. You'll save thousands on accommodations and stay in a real, fully-equipped home, living like a local. Here are just some of the beautiful HomeExchanges in Costa Rica where you might find yourself!

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: Mexico

Vacation in Mexico

Vacation in Mexico

If you crave a warm, beach getaway, Mexico may be the spot for you to vacation! Long stretches of virgin beaches, white sand and coastal sunsets await, plus of course authentic Mexican food and margaritas! Enjoy the rich culture, history and relaxation, whether snorkeling in Cozumel, taking in Chichen Itza, or exploring bustling Mexico City. Find more things to do in Mexico here.

HomeExchanger Nancy recommends Mexico's Parque Estatal Cañón de Fernández: "The dream of hiking lovers. It is a protected, semi-desert park with lots of vegetation. You can observe local and migratory birds. It is close to a dam for fishing and it is possible to camp. In addition to observe cave paintings."

With 700 home exchanges in Mexico, you're sure to find the one that's perfect for your family vacation.

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: Peru

Vacation in Peru

Vacation in Peru

Machu Picchu, the 15th-century Inca citadel, was reopened on November 1, so don't miss the iconic landmark during your visit to Peru. Marvel at ancient ruins, enjoy authentic Peruvian cuisine, and spot colorful wildlife.

Traveling to Peru can be expensive. Between transportation, accommodation, meals, and activities, the list can become too long to budget for while keeping everyone in the family happy. But with a HomeExchange membership, for just $220 per year, you have the opportunity to go on unlimited exchanges in any of our 230,000+ homes around the world. You can save up to 80% on your vacation accommodation budget and use the opportunity to travel further away and to stay longer.

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: Argentina

Vacation in Argentina

Vacation in Argentina

Located in the southern half of South America, Argentina has a diverse natural landscape. From glaciers to rainforests, this country has something for everyone! There are many unusual attractions to ensure you have a vacation you won't forget.

HomeExchanger Natalia recommends Argentina's Villa la Ñata for its natural beauty. She said, "It feels like the delta but you get there by car, only 15 minutes from the Tigre Train station. Pure nature and a nice walk for the day. There is the Xul Solar museum and good restaurants."

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: the Dominican Republic

Vacation in the Dominican Republic

Vacation in the Dominican Republic

If the Dominican Republic with its beaches, waterfalls, and rich culture is calling you, vacation with HomeExchange. If lounging on the beach is your idea of a perfect romantic getaway, visit La Romana, Dominican Republic, to enjoy beautiful white sandy beaches edging crystal clear water, with dining and shopping minutes away.

While the average hotel can be pricey and full of germs (the average hotel elevator button has 737 times more germs than a household toilet seat, according to a study!), HomeExchange allows you to enjoy your trip with peace of mind. In the HomeExchange community, having a safe, secure, clean accommodation is part of our fundamental principles. 98% of exchanges are rated 4 stars or more for cleanliness.

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: Puerto Rico

Vacation in Puerto Rico

Vacation in Puerto Rico

If you don't have a passport but still want to experience another culture, plan a vacation in Puerto Rico! US citizens don't need a passport for this tropical getaway in a US commonwealth.

Marvel at Puerto Rico's varied landscape of mountains, waterfalls, and rainforest. Stop by the Isla Verde area for beach bars and casinos, or head to El Morro and La Fortaleza to witness the centuries-old fortresses. For a beach vacation, spend time in San Juan or go to Vieques for secluded beaches and its bioluminescent bay.

HomeExchanger Lynette recommends visiting Old San Juan for "the colonial architecture, fortresses, good gastronomy, and trendy night life."

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Spanish-speaking countries to visit: Colombia

Vacation in Colombia

Vacation in Colombia

Beaches, festivals, historical landmarks, and delicious food— Colombia has it all and makes an excellent choice for a trip to South America. The official language of Colombia is Spanish, so Spanish speakers will feel right at home!

HomeExchanger Daniela recommends visiting Villa de Leyva while in Colombia: "Small village next to Bogotá with delicious restaurants and different activities to do in the surroundings, wether going to a museum with dinosaurs remains or you can go to see a house that seems like a giant piece of pottery."

Daniela also suggests a day trip to Caño Cristales. "It's a river in Colombia with seaweeds of different colors that grow in a certain period of the year giving the illusion of seeing purple, yellow and green water," she said.

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7 Spanish-speaking destinations for your next vacation

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