We love to spend time with the family during the Christmas holidays in a warm and cozy home. This year, more than ever, our homes are the best place to enjoy time with the family. At this time of the year, many of us decorate our homes with a beautiful Christmas tree, some traditional lights and decorations to make them even more welcoming and unique as we celebrate Christmas with our family and welcome guests.

HomeExchangers open the doors of their homes and do everything they can to make their guests feel welcome during their home exchange. It’s a pleasure to arrive at your home exchange at Christmas and discover traditional decoration that make it even more special.

Plan your Christmas exchange

How to make your HomeExchange profile more welcoming for Christmas

For every HomeExchanger, our home online is our profile. We all like to have an updated profile with nice pictures and a complete description to welcome the rest of the community from the moment they visit our home online.

As you decorate your home to make it warmer and more inviting for the holidays, update your profile to make it more welcoming to the HomeExchange community for Christmas.

Give your profile a Christmas touch! The HomeExchange community will love it and they won't be able to resist sending you an exchange offer. Who knows? That offer could become a great Christmas vacation.

Tips to add a Christmas touch to your HomeExchange profile

Update your home photos

Alt Christmas-tree-HomeExchange, title Christmas-tree-HomeExchange

Add pictures of your house showcasing your beautiful holiday decorations. Have you already decorated your Christmas tree? Is your front door already announcing Christmas? Or have you created a special atmosphere with candles? Show off by updating your photos! The rest of the community would love to discover how your home looks at Christmas.

Update your house description with Christmas details

Do you have a special place in your home for Christmas? That armchair by the fireplace, a window from which you can see beautiful snowy views, or a drawer full of cookie cutters for holiday baking? include that information in your home description! Or if there is a special Christmas event near your home, mention it. All these details will help your guests get to know your home and encourage them to send you an exchange request for their Christmas vacation.

Update your profile picture

Alt Christmas-holidays_update-your-profile-picture_HomeExchange, title Christmas-holidays_update-your-profile-picture_HomeExchange

We all like to discover the person behind the exchange home. How about uploading a Christmas photo of you or your family? A friendly, clear photo generates more interest in an exchange!

Complete the information about your travel group

If you click on your profile, you can discover the functionality of "Group of Travelers.” You can indicate the people in your travel group and give additional information about them. This Christmas, are you traveling with your kids, as a couple, or with the grandparents? HomeExchangers would love to get to know you a little better.

Update your calendar for the Christmas holidays

Alt update-your-calendar, title update-your-calendar

An updated calendar is key when searching for an exchange. Plans can change from one day to the next, so don't forget to keep your calendar up-to-date. A community with updated calendars will make it easier for you to find your ideal exchange and receive relevant exchange requests.

Check your preferred destinations for Christmas

Do you have a special destination in mind for your Christmas vacation? Do you prefer a nature destination where you can disconnect from everything, or are you thinking of a getaway to a charming village near home? Don't forget to update your preferred destinations. You’ll receive notifications when homes become available in those destinations, and you’ll be found more easily in reverse searches.

This year more than ever, you deserve to take a break and have a nice family time during your Christmas holidays! Traveling with HomeExchange ensures you will have an affordable, safe, authentic vacation with your family this winter.

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