Meet some of the amazing traveling pets of Instagram! These furry friends share inspiring travel content that will inspire you to dream and get you excited for your next vacation. Giving them a follow is sure to brighten your day!

Pet-friendly travel

Mr. Pokee

Mr. Pokee

Mr. Pokee the hedgehog travels around the world, having the cutest adventures you've ever seen! Mr. Pokee's beautiful destinations and settings will inspire you to travel while putting a smile on your face.



Jasper, a rescue husky lab mix, showcases his outdoor adventures in breathtaking scenes. Jasper lives in Calgary, Alberta, and his Instagram is full of natural beauty, inspiring followers to enjoy the great outdoors as they travel.


Maddie, Theron Humphrey's coonhound

Maddie is a coonhound whose photographer owner, Theron Humphrey, documents their adventures. The photography on this Instagram account is stunning, and Maddie's sweet face is sure to brighten your day.


Oliver the traveling pig

If dogs aren't your thing, give Oliver the traveling pig a follow. This adventurous road-trip pro has traveled to 28 states and counting. Fans of road trips and miniature pigs will find this Instagram page a delight.

Suki Cat

Suki the cat

Suki is a little cat who loves having big adventures. This fearless feline has traveled to 12 countries and loves canoe rides, hiking, and soaking up the exciting sights and smells of her surroundings. Fellow travel lovers are sure to find inspiration from her page.  

Want to travel with your own pet?

Traveling with pets

If you're feeling inspired to travel the world with your pets, one of the best parts about home swapping is how pet-friendly many people are. It’s often no problem to bring your pet along with you or to leave your pet at home for your guests to care for.

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