After a year of severe travel restrictions, the COVID-19 vaccination rollout in many countries is making it possible to start planning vacations again and dreaming of long-awaited travel. HomeExchange provides a safe, responsible, authentic alternative way to travel without breaking the bank this year.

Many HomeExchangers have already made travel plans for their next vacation or are currently looking for a home exchange to enjoy some time away from home with their families. Looking for inspiration for your trip? Find out where HomeExchangers are going on vacation this year!

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Many HomeExchangers have shared their ideas and plans for home exchanges in our Facebook Groups. Take a look at these ideas and get inspired as you plan your next vacation.

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...have rescheduled home exchanges that were cancelled last year

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“My partner and I are very excited and looking forward to being able to resume a trip that we had been planning since last summer and with the COVID19 it was impossible for us to carry out. But this is the year! We are going to the Dominican Republic for 3 weeks as we have been able to find 2 exchanges with wonderful people and we will take the opportunity to visit the island and get lost a bit on its beaches. I wish you all a happy summer and keep up the good mood! We will come back to enjoy - Katerine, Spain.

We're going to Hyeres for 15 days with our 13 year old son in a reciprocal home exchange that was cancelled last summer and postponed until next August. We can't wait to discover Hyeres, Porquerolles, and the Var hinterland. Especially since this exchange is planned since December 2019. The communication with Françoise is so natural, that we became friends on fb and we regularly discuss together as if we had known each other forever, so we are looking forward to meeting- Karine, France.

Last year we had to cancel an exchange in Copenhagen because of the pandemic and we were lucky enough to find a fabulous duplex in Viella, in the Aran Valley, thanks to a fantastic family. This year we started looking for exchanges in the north of Spain and have ended up in the Canary Islands, thanks to our partners, and we have already closed exchanges for 2022! Fingers crossed that everything will work out well. We are travelling with our two children, five and one year old. Thanks to the Homeexchange community - Pilar, Spain.

We got back in touch with the host family from last summer in Sardinia, as we couldn't go .... and they have made time to host us again! - Marigé, Spain.

...continue to discover beautiful destinations in their own countries

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Staying in Germany this year, traveling by car with our immediate family (hubby, kid and dog) but going lots of places. planning a big trip overseas next year! - Marion, Germany.

Like last year, we are holidaying in our own country again, due to Covid. Exploring the south of Norway this time (did the north last year). Among our adventures are hiking the world's longest wooden staircase (4444 steps!)👌 - Gry, Norway.

3 weeks in the Pyrenees (2 weeks in the P-Atlantique and 1 week in the P-Orientales). On the menu: Artouste's little train, Gavarnie's circus, Ayous's lake, Kakuetta's gorges, the Cathar castles... then my husband leaves with the children for 10 days to Toulouse to discover the space city!- Aurélie, France.  

This summer we are going to Béziers for 10 days. We are a family of 5 (3 children and 2 mothers) and we were happy to meet all the search criteria: house with swimming pool and close to the sea. And to top it all off, it's a reciprocal exchange. During this time, Sylviane and her husband will come and discover our Normandy by bike- Nolwenn, France.

… will experience their first home exchange soon

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First stays for us with HomeExchange and not only one but three and moreover with our little dog . Discovery of the Basque country with 8 days in Anglet, 8 days in Ustaritz. To finish our summer a small tour to Saint Cere for a visit to Rocamadour and surrounding villages. Nordic walking on the programme and visits - Claudine, France.

Our family’s very first Exchange takes place in Amsterdam for 12 days end of July/start August  - Kirsten, Norway.

… will have incredible travel plans!

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For this summer plane tickets taken for Poland (having a trip to Russia cancelled then Miami cancelled then Slovenia). 10 days mini road trip between Krakow, Warsaw and Gdansk ...2 exchanges/one night hotel...we come back and I'm just leaving with my three boys 4 days later towards the south of France near Avignon for a week - Wendy, France,.

I’m super excited about an exchange in Chicago. We plan to fly in and take the train . They live in a beautiful neighborhood with Frank Loyd Wright architecture. The gardens are also beautiful and on our list- Lory, USA.

We have an amazing summer with 7 exchanges in Spain, to an Italian island and even across the pond to the Riviera Maya. And in autumn we have finalized 5 more exchanges (including a stay in a tree house and another in a cave house) and we have even closed 2 weeks in Dubai to spend the end of the year! Finally, we are travelling again! - Elisabeth, Spain.

I haven't organised all this yet, but we're planning a 5 week motorbike road trip at the end of August / beginning of September! And to wait, 8 days in Auvergne with a friend in July !- Joanna, France.

We are going to Lake Tahoe a week from tomorrow. We will be staying in a cabin near the lake and inviting friends and celebrating my son‘s eighth grade graduation. In July I will be staying at a pet friendly condo in Mammoth and doing a solo trip and hiking around a lot of the lakes. These are both in the mountains in California. - Bobbi, USA.

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