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I home is a lovely home, i tremendously love living here. I choose this because it is close to the noorderplantsoen, a beautiful park in the middle of the city. And i love the park. behind the park is the city. the park is 1 minutes away, the city 5 minutes or even less, depends on your choice of transportation, i mostly walk, or sometimes bike. but everything is on walking distance. despite it being in the middle of the city, the street and neighbourhood where i live is very calm and even neighbours know eachother, there is lots of nature, flowers around every tree, which a neighbour of mine does, it feels so cozy and homy. i lived many places before because i was a student, and my bike always got stolen. i live here for more than 2 years now, and not once did my bike get stolen. its a very friendly and safe and beautiful neighbourhood, where neighbours greet eachother, and even know eachother. which is rare in a city. and a thing i love about living here, it feels like a safe village in the middle of the city. if you dont want to be bothered, that is also fine. its all free. But a very friendly, safe neighbourhood overall. coop(the grocery store, a good one) is litteraly around the corner, 100m walking distance. which i also find so handy. I lived at many places in groningen since i moved here 11 years ago, and this neighbourhood is the best. My house is bought, not rented, it has a big living room, a kitchen, a halway, a toilet, a shower, washing machine, a basement, a shed in the garden, and ofcourse a bedroom. it has bright big windows. i decorated the one in the living room with see through white curtains with lights intertwined, which makes it so cozy in my opinion. there is a working place, a dining table, a comfy couch, a television, with programs which i pay for but i actually never watch it, there is a fridge, a kitchen with all the necessities that belong in a kitchen. and my garden, i love maybe the most. it is kind of big, especially for a house in the city center, and it has a picnic table and chairs and lots of green and flowers in it. i love my garden a lot. i have lots of books here, i think a quarter of them is in english, rest is in dutch, so if you like reading, there is choice. uhm what more, oh i have a huge closet for clothing, a houseplant, multiple paintings(if youre into art) mirrors, lots of light, and cozy lights, washing reck, cabinets, a long hallway, in the front a coat reck and shoe storing place. doorbell. what more... i already mentioned a lot, if you have more questions, feel free to contact me. warm regards, Carlijn Assen

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