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As there are relatively few tall buildings in Copenhagen, from my apartment at a height of 65 meters (210 ft) you have a 180 degrees view over most of the southeastern to southwestern part of the city. When the weather allows for it, spending time at the balcony with a great overview of the city, is something to enjoy, but the views are often great even in poor weather conditions. The apartment is 105 m²/1130 ft² excluding the balcony. It's pretty unique - having circular rooms, which is a result of the apartment residing in a tower that was a former malt silo for the Carlsberg beer brewery (more info to follow). The apartment consists of a bedroom with a queen size bed (140 cm wide), a bathroom, a combined kitchen/dining room ensuite with a livingroom, that has a relatively large balcony and a sofa, that could accommodate one additional person. There's also a small hall/entrance. Check the groundplan, the last of the images, for an easy overview. The apartment is part of a housing cooperative called "Kongens Bryghus" (translates to "Kings brewery"), and there's a large fenced garden, perfectly safe for children, including a playground, barbecue cubicles, parking and more - (parking only for cars belonging to residents - car exchange may be a possibility). As the apartment is facing south, and Copenhagen being in the northern hemisphere, the apartment is always very bright, even when it isn't sunny. I find that 3 people, where 2 people would be ok with sleeping in the same queen-size bed and one in the sofa is most suitable. For more, it would be a bit too crowded for my personal liking. There are two elevators to get to the 16th floor. My home is part of a series of apartments in a tower, formerly used as a silo for the renowned Danish beer company Carlsberg, but now transformed into residential apartments. Also much older brick buildings, equally transformed to apartments, are part of the fenced area wherein the tower resides. All the buildings, and many more outside the fenced area, was part of the Carlsberg brewery (founded 1847), with the tower being build later (1956) than the surrounding buildings, to store barley/malt, supporting the increasing demand of beer from the rapidly growing Carlsberg. In these days, Carlsberg production has moved to another location. Of commercial activity, they have only a micro brewery and the headquarters left. Note that due to the Carlsberg City being built, for some of the pictures the view is now slightly outdated. Feel free to ask for fresh ones - will upload soon.

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The area is called "Vesterbro", and it is one of the most attractive areas in Copenhagen. There are plenty of restaurants, café's, supermarkets, clubs and shops in few minutes walking distance. The city square is less than two km (one mile) away. Public transportation ("S-train" station, busses and the metro) is plentiful and near by. My apartment is situated on the border between city parts "Vesterbro" and "Frederiksberg". Frederiksberg in itself is another attractive part of Copenhagen, an independent municipality completely surrounded by the Copenhagen municipality. About one kilometer (less than a mile) from the apartment, you will find two attractive parks - 'Søndermarken' and 'Frederiksberg Have', the latter containing Frederiksberg Castle and the Copenhagen Zoo. Southern Sweden is nearby, actually in eyesight from the balcony, and connected with a bridge for easy access by train or car. At summertime you can swim in the harbour or take the bus, metro, car, train or bicycle about half an hours ride to beaches in Amager, Charlottenlund or Bellevue. Kitesurfing and windsurfing is particular popular at Amager beach. The airport is easily reached by train or metro. Getting to the center of Copenhagen from the airport metro terminal takes around 15 minutes. You will find that a lot of people get around on bicycles, and if you feel confident on a bicycle, I would recommend this, as there are bicycle lanes everywhere and it is a very easy way to get around. Almost everyone speaks a decent English in Copenhagen.

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I'm more inclined to longer exchanges, say at the least a week, because of the arrangements, like travelling, making our places ready in both ends etc. I might be interested in long term exchanges, like a month+ or so, if I can work from the location I go to. This requires primarily, a stable high speed internet connection.

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