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On the top of the hill this brickstone villa has wonderful views of the Aarhus area. When no clouds on the sky you can watch about 50 kilometers from the kitchen window, living room and terrasse. Watch the sun rise over the sea and the nearby lake and in the horisons you can see the hills in Mols Bjerge (National Park) about 40 kilometers away. The house is build in 1998 and is 132 m2. The garden is about 700 m2 and originally designed by garden landscrape architect. Its realy nice and has lots of flowers duing summer. We live in a small town near Aarhus and next to the garden is cornfields. Rooms: Living room, beedroom, two bedrooms for children, working room, dining room, kitchen and two bathroom. The road is very safe and even small children often run around on their own. Not much trafic and two playgrounds and soccer field within 300 meters. Center of Aarhus is 10 km away. A newbuilded light rail can take you to the city center pretty quick, so you don´t have to park in the city. The train leaves about 800 meters from our home. See this link for photo of Aarhus: http://kortlink.dk/dp63 (direct you to Google page with photo of Aarhus). We have a very friendly cat, which have chosen to stay with us and rest of the neighbourhoud. Sometimes it comes to visit and sometimes the dinner is better somewhere else .

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Aarhus - the second largest town in Denmark (recommanded travel destination from New York Times: https://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2017/10/12/travel/what-to-do-36-hours-in-aarhus-denmark.html also mentioned by CNN and other newssite as a new cosy travel destination: https://edition.cnn.com/travel/article/aarhus-denmark-things-to-do/index.html) Wonderful garden, close to the sea in a very peaceful area. The house is situated in a small village 10 kilometers from the center of Aarhus the secord lagest city in Denmark with wonderful museums (Aros Art Museum), The Old Town with houses from 1600 and lots of cafeés and shopping oppurtunities. The beach is about 7 kilometers away - go to the Permanent in the forest Riis Skov. The danish cooks are famous for making wonderfull dinners. Try Brdr. Koch if you look for something speciel or more inexpensive Nordisk Spisehus. See Visit Aarhus homepage. Nature and sports If you like biking or running this area is perfect. The forrest is about 400 meters away and you can also run to the nearby lake - about 10 km forth and back. If biking take a tour to Rønde and continue to the National Park, the hilly Mols Bjerge. Pøt Mølle also makes a good trip with bike. If you prefer driving we recommand Moes Skov and the old watermill in the forrest.Mols Bjerge is a 40 minutes drive away. Stop in Rønde and walk to the old casstle which now is a ruin If you want to experience the most deserted and wilderness place in Denmark go to Thy National Park. It takes about 2,5 hours in car. Entertainment for children Try Legoland (https://www.legoland.dk/en/), Djurs Sommerland, The Old Town, Ree Park, if you have children and want to entertain them a day or two.

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Close to Aarhus - (second largest city in Denmark and recommanded traveldestination by major newspapers) Legoland and other funparks close by. Wonderful views to sea and lake and forest nearby Lovely garden and calm and friendly nabourhoud (nice playgrounds close by)

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