You can find animal lovers across the globe! Pets are a beloved part of so many families, so it’s only natural for owners to want to take them along for the ride when traveling abroad.

traveling with pets

Over 85 million US families currently own a pet, and for many pet owners leaving them behind when heading on a Spanish family home exchange trip just isn’t an option. Here’s what you should know when traveling with your fur babies.

Why you should take your pet on vacation with you

Kennels and boarding for pets are expensive and many owners don’t like the thought of their pet being cooped up in a cage at night when they’d normally enjoy the luxury of a soft bed. Seniors, in particular, may find it difficult to leave their pet behind while they travel abroad. Pets are great companions for seniors as they keep them active and bring happiness to their lives so it’s hard to go on a trip without them.

Travel with HomeExchange

Pet-friendly vacation destinations

When looking for the perfect home exchange for you and your pet, it’s important that you carefully consider your location and opt for somewhere that’s pet-friendly and welcomes pets into shops, bars, and restaurants. Be sure to check that the owner of your house swap welcomes pets into their home, too.

France,UK, Austria, Hungary and The Netherlands all rank highly in pet-friendly countries across the world due to their love of our four-legged friends. Therefore, if you’re looking for somewhere where both you and your beloved companion will be comfortable, consider a home exchange in one of these amazing countries.

Essential items for pet travel

The last thing any pet owner wants is to turn up at their airport ready for their flight to take them to their home exchange only to discover they’ve forgotten a vital necessity for their pet.

One of the most important items you require is a passport for your pet, this is most commonly used for cats, dogs, and ferrets. Other pets such as rabbits may fall under different rules and it’s always best to check the legislation of the country you’re traveling to.

You’ll also need a comfortable and practical pet carrier that you can carry your pet in and which will fit effortlessly under the seat of the plane. Your pet may have a toilet accident while traveling, so think about lining the carrier with an absorbent puppy pad or similar.A non-spill water bowl, blanket, a familiar toy and some food and treats are also recommended to keep your pet as comfortable as possible while they travel.

Preparing your pet for travel

Travelling can be a stressful experience for a pet, especially if they’ve never traveled long distances before. Before your journey be sure that your pet has had plenty of exercises and restrict or prohibit food and water to prevent any accidents during the flight.

Some pets may respond well to medication to calm their nerves or tablets to prevent them from experiencing travel sickness while on the plane. If this is the case, be sure to administer this to your pet to allow enough time for them to get into your pet’s system and to take effect.

traveling with pets

Vaccinations before travel

It is especially important that your pet receives the appropriate vaccinations and blood tests they require for the country they will be traveling to. Therefore, always check the rules of the country where the house exchange is in and ensure your pet and its paperwork is up to date when you travel.

Taking your pet on a plane

Many airlines allow pets under a certain weight to travel in the cabin. This is great news for both owners and pets who can’t bear to be parted from one another. For larger animals, they’ll have to travel in the hold. Should anything happen, make sure your pet has a tag on their career and around their neck with your details on it and the address of the home exchange where you’ll be staying.

Planes exhibit a lot of noise and it, along with the other passengers, may frighten an already nervous pet. Be sure to reassure your pet and keep them in a place that’s as quiet as possible. Planes can also be cold, so ensure you’ve got a blanket handy to wrap your pet up in to keep them warm.

traveling with pets

Pet lovers across the world can breathe a sigh of relief that with some careful planning and preparation, their pet can go on a home exchange trip abroad with them, too.

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