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Meet 10 inspiring women who are proving that having a disability shouldn't stop anyone from getting the most out of life. These travel bloggers use their social media platforms to share advice, tips, encouragement, and perspective on traveling with a disability.

Meet Melanie of Little Miss Turtle, traveling in a wheelchair

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Melanie of Little Miss Turtle

Melanie, a travel influencer at Little Miss Turtle, shares her experiences traveling with limb-girdle muscular dystrophy. Melanie got her first wheelchair at age 6 and over the years, she says her wheelchair has become her best friend. Her blog is full of travel tips for wheelchair users and guides to specific destinations, like Disneyland or Banff National Park.

"I have a restless traveler's heart and love to discover new places all around the world," Melanie writes. "I always travel with my husband, who is not only my best travel buddy but also my full-time caregiver. We are both adventurous, and my husband doesn't hesitate to piggyback me when encountering obstacles, like inaccessible buses or metro stations."

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Meet Sassy, an educational (and humorous) blind traveler

Sassy Wyatt is a blind woman who challenges stereotypes about people with disabilities through education and humor. On her YouTube channel, Sassy shares all her adventures, including her perspective on travel accessibility.

"I’m passionate about changing the landscape of accessible tourism imploring destinations, brands and tourism boards to consider the needs and requirements of disabled travellers," Sassy writes. "Living with both arthritis and blindness I give a very unique perspective of my local and international explorations."

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Meet Jodi, an inspiring travel influencer with MS

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Jodi Johnson of @edible_monster

Jodi Johnson, a warrior and advocate with multiple sclerosis, shares her travels on Instagram, inspiring others not to let anything stop them from accomplishing their goals. She shares practical tips for travelers with disabilities, like how to get to the beach with her walker ("Yes, it takes awhile and it takes energy. Sitting on the beach watching the water, watching my kids play, feeling the breeze, taking in the fresh air, relaxing with my husband is 💯 worth the hassle.").

"Living with a chronic illness throws up daily challenges I never ever imagined," she writes on Instagram. "I rediscovered my why and here I am today, on wheels and not doomed, just having spent an epic 7 day adventure vacation with my husband and children. You CAN find ways to make the best of your days, however that looks. Your strength is there, you’ve already proven that. Keep going. You CAN."

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Meet Kelcie, an outdoor explorer with a mobility aid

Kelcie Miller-Anderson is an environmental scientist and social entrepreneur with mitochondrial disease, chronicling her travel adventures in the great outdoors. Her candid perspective and experiences serve as a guide to fellow travelers using mobility aids and gives an idea of what to expect.

On her recent trip to Banff National Park, Kelcie shared honestly, "I was pleasantly surprised with how many accessible facilities there were on this trip. Every stop with accessible outhouses and parking. But the thing is I want to do more than just see a view from a viewpoint..... or stop to use the loo. I want to be able to fully enjoy the trails again. And get off the paved paths. Go down hills that are a bit too steep and not worry about getting back up."

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Meet Jenny, a seasoned traveler with chronic illness

Jenny Wren manages The Chronic Traveller, a travel blog with a focus on chronic illness. On her blog, Jenny shares her experiences and advice on traveling with chronic illness, disabilities, and invisible diseases.

"I’ve always loved to travel and I have extremely itchy feet," writes Jenny, who has ulcerative colitis and arthritis. "I never stay anywhere long. I’ve lived in 9 countries across 5 continents, and I’ve travelled in 30. I’m determined to keep up with my travelling, despite my chronic illness."

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Meet Jessica, a world-traveling amputee and wheelchair user

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Jessica Ping-Wild of @therollingexplorer

Missing a couple limbs doesn't stop Jessica Ping-Wild from exploring all the world has to offer. The writer, blogger, speaker, and model runs “A Lifestyle Blog With A Disabled Twist.” One of the biggest challenges Jessica faces is the lack of representation and awareness that many people with disabilities encounter daily.

"By writing about and highlighting aspects of my life, I am demonstrating my ability to live a high-quality life as an amputee and wheelchair-user," she writes. "It provides a space for me to discuss the extra challenges I face along the way, while still showcasing that I have a purpose beyond my disability."

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Meet Jennifer, a spina bifida mom and globetrotter

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Jennifer Allen of @wonders_within_reach

Mom of three Jennifer Allen shares accessible adventures for all types of families. Her son's spina bifida doesn't dampen her motivation to help her children expand their world views and understand different cultures. "Age and disabilities change the way we explore, but they just make the journey that much more rewarding!"

"It’s not about changing everything for one person, it’s about improving some things for all people," Jennifer writes.

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Meet Ruby, a traveler and advocate with Stromme Syndrome

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Angie and Ruby of @angieandruby

Angie and Ruby are a mother-daughter duo with a mission to make the world a more inclusive place. Ruby is 15 years old and has a rare genetic condition called Stromme Syndrome, which causes vision impairment, microcephaly, intestinal issues, slowed growth and developmental issues. These inspiring women use their social platforms for disability advocacy.

Some of their goals are to "show the world that people with disabilities have rich, exciting and meaningful lives," and to "make the world a more accepting and loving place for people with and without disabilities."

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Meet Nerissa, an adventure enthusiast who uses a wheelchair

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Nerissa Cannon of @nerissa_cannon

Nerissa Cannon describes herself as an "adaptive adventure enthusiast." Though she uses a wheelchair, Nerissa also rock climbs, hikes, camps, salsa dances, and is building a tiny house. Her battles with mental health and chronic illness give her her passion for helping others keep their sense of adventure despite having a disabling condition.

“Even though I need special equipment to hike now, I can still get the same satisfaction of being out in nature," Nerissa writes. "It’s exhilarating to feel my heart pump as I work over an obstacle or up a good hill.”

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Meet @jayonlife, a traveler with a leg brace

10 Travel Bloggers with Disabilities You Need to Follow
Jumoke of @jayonlife

Jumoke, also known as Jay On Life, contracted polio as a baby. Now, she shares inspiration, travel guides, and advice on traveling with disabilities on her website.

Though she admits some countries are easier to navigate due to ease of access and the attitudes of the people, Jay vacations around the world and shares insights along the way. Jay writes, "The very challenges of living in a large, fast-paced and occasionally insensitive city have forced me to thrive. Despite the occasional stares and remarks, Londoners, for the most part, have let me do my own thing."

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