Since COVID-19 became a global pandemic, traveling has changed enormously with “red zones”, masks, and quarantines. We’ve all had to adapt and change some of our habits in the face of this crisis. However, a safe, relaxing getaway remains possible with HomeExchange. Much simpler than you might think, HomeExchange is the ideal solution. Allowing you and your family to travel locally and safely, HomeExchange also has a very flexible cancellation policy.

Sounds perfect, right?

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Cancel your vacation without losing any money

Cancellations are very flexible with HomeExchange, a significant advantage given today’s uncertainty. No financial transaction takes place between members when finalizing an exchange, so if you cancel, you don't lose any money.

Communication is fundamental for any home exchange. It’s very important to discuss and keep your host or guest up to date as the situation develops. Good communication between HomeExchangers helps establish a climate of trust and peace of mind in these uncertain times.

If GuestPoints are used in an exchange, we maintain that neither the guest nor the host should be penalized if a trip has to be canceled due to force majeure. Therefore, HomeExchange will return GuestPoints to the host and guest if a cancellation of the exchange is unavoidable due to COVID-19.
For more information on the management of GuestPoints in the event of a crisis, click here.

Real guarantees for zero worries

HomeExchange makes sure your exchanges are secure and is committed to making your vacation a success. With the annual subscription, whether you are a host or a guest, HomeExchange will be by your side should the unexpected arise.

To prevent any problems related to possible damage, each member pays a deposit which will serve as compensation if needed.

Our Member Support team is available to answer all of your specific questions and 92% of our members are very satisfied with this service.

“Franck provided me with quality personalized follow-up, which is becoming rare in many departments and relationships in this industry. HomeExchange cares about its customers and we hope it will be around for a long time.”

Kristina gave excellent service and responded quickly. That’s why I recommend HomeExchange to everyone
- Julien et Anita
“I received a very quick response from Ana and it was wonderful to see that the company cares about you. It proved to me that HomeExchange is a very serious and competent organization. I am amazed. Thank you all.”
- Zoubida

You can exchange your home with peace of mind with the HomeExchange guarantees. You can find all the guarantees related to COVID-19 here.

Enjoy a whole house or an apartment, just for yourself

HomeExchange is about feeling at home without being at home! By home exchanging, you can go on vacation in a "real" house, with a fully equipped kitchen, plants to water, homey decorations, and a history. You don’t share any space and you are the sole occupant of the home during your stay, so you avoid the comings and goings that you may encounter in hotels or short-term rentals.

During COVID-19, when public spaces have become places to avoid, it is pleasant to feel at home and vacation without being worried. Since all homes are cleaned before and after your stay, you can travel with peace of mind and enjoy this a relaxing escape.

It is possible to travel at the last minute

While some take the time to plan out exchanges, others prefer to let themselves be surprised and decide, on a whim, to pack up and go.

What about a weekend getaway or a trip during school break? Now is the time to try out HomeExchange! Your country is rich in landscapes and its regions are so diverse that you will inevitably find what you’re looking for, whether it’s a relaxing trip to the sea or an active vacation in the mountains.

This year, many HomeExchangers explored their home countries and discovered unknown regions on getaways that were often organized at the last minute. It also became an opportunity for some of our members to rediscover their own regions by staying close to home.

“Another very nice exchange, less than 2 hours from my home.
Exchanges as we appreciate them, warm, attentive, discreet; a house ready to welcome us. We want to stay in touch.”
- Janete

Home swapping for cheap travel

You can travel around the world, discover new landscapes, have new experiences, meet new people— that’s the dream! But traveling is not always easy or affordable. Between transportation, accommodation, meals, and activities, the list sometimes gets too long to budget for while pleasing everyone in the family.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy cheap travel, and a HomeExchange membership is one of them!

For just €130 per year (the price of a hotel night for two), you have the opportunity to go on unlimited exchanges in any of our 450,000 homes. You can save up to 80% on your vacation accommodation budget and use the opportunity to travel further away and to stay longer. When you home exchange, travel is no longer an inaccessible luxury.

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