You've already completed your listing, sent messages to other Members, but haven’t found your next home exchange? Don't worry: these top 10 tips from exchange experts will help you finalize your first exchange before you know it!

Tips to find your next home exchange

home exchange tip 1: send messages

1 / Send several personalized messages

Elementary, my dear Watson. It is always useful to remember this advice: always send personalized and explanatory messages that will help your potential exchange partner get to know you better and convince them to accept your proposal or to welcome you with GuestPoints. And do not be discouraged: it is sometimes necessary for you to send a few dozen messages before finding the perfect fit.

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home exchange tip 2: update your calendar

2 / Update your calendar

We can't repeat it enough: timing is key! Indicate :

  • in green the periods when you are open to any kind of exchange (reciprocal or against GuestPoints, it doesn't matter, you are waiting for proposals!).
  • in blue those where you are looking to welcome guests for GuestPoints
  • In yellow the periods in which you wish to go on a reciprocal exchange (simultaneous or not simultaneous)

This will make it easier for you to do your own research and to track down other Members' results. Here is the complete guide to update your calendar like a pro!

Update my calendar
home exchange tip 3: add your favorite destinations

3 / Indicate your favorite destinations

Would you prefer a large urban loft in Montreal or a beautiful wooden house in the Brazilian jungle? Save your dream destinations (even the craziest ones) in the "Preferred Destinations" section of your account to increase your chances of going on a trip! Be sure to activate email alerts for those destinations: you will be regularly notified of new houses available based on your research, and all you’ll have to do is contact them!

Add my prefered destinations
home exchange tip 4: use the reverse search

This feature allows you to find members who live where you want to go and/or who want to come to your city or region.

How do you do it?

1/ Launch a "classic" search for the destination you are looking for

2/ Click on "reverse search" and indicate your place of residence (city, region or country) in the small window that appears

3/ Validate and... Contact the members whose houses are displayed in the results!

Tip: if you don't have a destination in mind, you can still launch an empty search (without destination) and use the reverse search. Then, the search results will be all the members who wish to come to you, without country restriction

Still not sure how to use the reverse search? Here is a complete demo.

Let's try it!
home exchange tip 5: use the filters

5 / Adjust your filters

Because freedom also means having all the equipment or accessories you need, and because we all have our preferences, the filters will help you find your ideal and tailor-made home (with a pool, with toys for your children, etc…).

Are most of the houses you’re interested in not available? Activate the secondary residence filter: these homes generally have greater availability and flexibility.

Pssst! Try to disable the "response rate higher than 80%" default filter to get more results.

Filters, here I come!
home exchange tip 6: dare to visit new destinations

6 / Dare to visit new destinations, widen your horizons

Getting out of your comfort zone is the key to happiness. Be an adventurer, let yourself be tempted by unexpected exchange requests in destinations you had not necessarily considered before.

"We do not always have a specific place in mind, sometimes opportunities arise because of the site and it allows us to go here, there, anywhere. For example, this summer we will travel to Denmark and Sweden, even though our plan was to go to Spain or Italy!" - Céline

Psssst! Consider expanding your search if you cannot find the house of your dreams in the exact place you were planning on visiting. For example, a house slightly outside a city will allow you to visit the city as if you were staying in the city center, and perhaps even offer a garden with a swing or a pool.

Let's explore
home exchange tip 7: take good pictures

7 / Take pictures like a pro

You do not have to be Ansel Adams to take pictures that will enhance your home and make other HomeExchangers envious! Take your pictures:

  • after you’ve tidied up the house a bit
  • in landscape format to give them greater amplitude
  • during the day, ideally on a sunny day, as this will make your photos brighter and all the more attractive

Our tip: to go even faster, you can download the HomeExchange app and take photos directly from your phone!

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home exchange tip 8: join interest groups

8 / Join interest groups

Are you a budding cook? An unconditional cat-lover? Or maybe a Sunday-skier? Whatever your hobbies are, you’re not alone! Go to the "Social" section under your profile to join interest groups. This will allow you to refine your search and organize exchanges with people who share the same interests. If you have things in common, it makes exchanges that much easier to organize!

Join Groups
home exchange tip 10: consult theme pages

9 / Consult our theme pages

Out of ideas for where to go on your next vacation? Impossible! Visit our different theme pages in our website footer, take a look at all the beautiful destinations, and you’ll see that the hardest thing to do will be to pick only one!

Let's explore
home exchange tip 10: contact Members who like your home

10 / Contact Members who have added your house to their favorites

Go to the "They love my home" section under your account, and you will see which Members have added your home to their favorites. Don’t hesitate to contact them with a nice message; you never know, they might be interested!

I am now a pro... let's find an exchange!