The planning is done, the bags are packed, and you’re jetting off to a great home exchange to live like a local. While air travel might be enjoyable for some, we know that’s not the case for everyone. Some may even experience health issues (beyond just discomfort) during air travel. To keep you comfortable on your next flight, here’s a list of pointers and necessities.

1. A neck pillow and blanket. A neck pillow (rather than a regular rectangular pillow) gives great support, which means you’re less likely to arrive at your destination with a crick in your neck. As for the blanket…do you really want to use that scratchy piece of fabric the flight attendants give you? Planes can be cold, so make sure to bring along an extra sweater and some thick socks.

2. A GIANT bottle of water. Yes, they will absolutely overcharge you for water in the airport, but flight attendants never come by quite as often as you’d like and it’s essential to stay hydrated. Another option is to bring a large, empty reusable bottle and politely ask the flight attendant to fill it for you as soon as you get on the plane.

3. Disinfecting wipes. That tray and headset are going to be your closest friends for the next few hours, and they were someone else’s closest friends first.

4. Snacks. You can buy something on the plane, but more often than not they will run out of the good stuff in the first 45 minutes of the flight and all that’s left on the menu are the cold, congealed eggs they’re trying to pass off as a frittata. Think about bringing dried fruit or sunflower seeds; the fiber will fill you up, and since they aren’t perishable, you can save whatever you don’t eat for the return flight.

5. A relaxed attitude and sense of perspective. Sure, there’s a baby crying in your ear and a very tall man sitting in front of you with his seat reclined as far as it will go, but you’ll soon be sitting in your favorite patisserie sipping cafe au lait and you’ll forget all about the fact that your headphone jack didn’t work.

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