Discover how to travel like a local with home exchange for an authentic experience while exploring the globe and saving money. Once you discover the benefits of home exchange you’ll pack your bags, book your tickets, and be heading to all the destinations that you’ve been dreaming of seeing.


Home exchange is an economical accommodation

Between flights, food, hotels, and transportation costs, traveling is expensive! Home exchanging helps decrease the amount you spend on your travels, so you have more money to put towards your next adventure. With HomeExchange you pay once per year, and then you never have to think about opening up your wallet again for somewhere to stay. Exchanging homes for vacation has never been easier or more flexible. As you host members, you receive GuestPoints, which you can then give to stay in another destination.

Long-term or short-term home exchange possibilities

Home exchange for a few days, a few weeks, or even a couple of months. The length of your stay is up to you! When you exchange homes for vacation, the possibilities are limitless, and you have the freedom to set your travel timeline. Travel with the whole family for a ski weekend, take your kids to the city you grew up in for a few weeks or spend quality time with someone special or maybe just by yourself in a tropical destination for a few months.


With HomeExchange, size and location don’t matter

Small, cozy apartment in a city center or a spacious, mountain home? When you travel with HomeExchange to discover the world, the size and location of your home don’t matter. Whether it’s peacefully tucked in the suburbs of a major city or next door to the most iconic attraction in your hometown, all locations are welcome for home exchange. The community of home exchanging is built on trust, authenticity, and communication. Hosts often provide their guests with detailed guides and suggestions of the best restaurants to try out the local cuisine, the local hang-out spots or how to see the big tourist attractions. And whether you travel with your extended family, your children, or by yourself, the size of your travel party does not matter; you can still exchange for free each time.


Freedom and comfort of staying in a home

There’s nothing like the comfort of staying in a home while traveling. There’s no stress about picking what restaurant to go to when you home exchange. When you have access to a fully equipped kitchen to prepare and enjoy meals, it's as if you were home. Plus, if you’re traveling with kids, homes often have rooms for children where there are toys and games, so your little ones stay entertained while on the home exchange.

A support system for you and your home

Our Happiness Team works around the clock to support you before, during and after your home exchange. They're available to answer any questions or concerns. Ensuring that your belongings are safe, your plants are watered and your cat, who would rather sunbathe than travel the world, has food in his bowl. The Happiness Team is here for you in case of cancellations or any issues.

Arranging a home exchange for vacation is incredibly simple and easy to use with no hidden fees. Not paying for each of your stays allows you to save, so you can travel more frequently and enjoy life! Joining the home exchange community is more than just an inexpensive travel alternative; it’s a way of life.

Let's home exchange!