Whether you're in the throes of a brand-new romantic entanglement or a couple who's withstood the test of time, a unique romantic weekend getaway can deepen your relationship or rekindle the romance by creating lasting memories that solidify your connection with your partner.

No matter what your vacation preference is, HomeExchange allows you to escape from the mundane and the work grind for a few days of bliss. With HomeExchange, exotic and romantic is affordable and accessible!

Here's your guide to romance and adventure as a twosome that will entice travelers with any travel style.

romantic getaways with HomeExchange

Relaxing, romantic beach getaways

If lounging on the beach is your idea of the perfect romantic weekend getaway, you have multiple options to choose from.

La Romana, Dominican Republic - Beautiful white sandy beaches edging crystal clear water, with dining and shopping minutes away, are just a few of the reasons this tropical getaway needs to be on your vacation list.

Lake Tahoe, California - Skiing, the stunning great outdoors, gambling and lakeside beauty are all you need to stir passion between you and your paramour!

New England, USA - Don't limit yourself to tropical climates! New England offers you and your partner virtually endless accommodations for an escape on the east coast that rivals all beach locales. Kayak, paddle board or just sit on the shore watching the sunset with your loved one.

Mexico - Sand, beach, vistas, nightlife, local culture - Mexico has it all! Zip down south for a memorable weekend with that special someone for all the recreation you can handle. Make it a cheap romantic getaway by arranging accommodations through HomeExchange.

Romantic vacation on the beach

Adventurous getaways in the mountains

Take your love to the highest heights - vacation in the mountains!

Aspen, Colorado - If you and your boo are avid skiers who've always believed that Aspen is out of your price range, it's time to change that perspective. For wintry weather fans, what could be more romantic than cuddling together in front of a fireplace after a brisk day hitting the slopes?

Smoky Mountains, North Carolina & Tennessee - Mountain adventures aren't limited to winter escapes. These panoramic vistas are the original aphrodisiac - thousands of country songs can't be wrong. Reconnect with nature in a rugged retreat or enjoy the astonishing views from comfy, luxurious lodgings.

Rocky Mountains, Canada - When you want a true getaway for you and that special someone in your life, the mountains of Canada deliver. Whether you prefer to chill and observe the panoramic vistas and the wildlife or strike out for adventure - kayaking, hiking, ice climbing - this getaway allows you to get in touch with each other with minimal outside distractions.

Romantic vacation in the mountains

Cuddling in the country

Need to de-stress? Go the country route.

Kauai, Hawaii - If it's quiet countryside you crave for your romantic weekend getaway, Kauai is the spot for you! This may be the least-developed island on Hawaii, but that means you enjoy seclusion with your partner. And the bonus? You get both mountains and beach, not to mention waterfalls!

Savannah, Georgia - How much more country can you get than Georgia? Enjoy southern charm and picturesque history in this quaint, yet metropolitan location.

Islamorada, Florida - What's your definition of country? If it's quiet beauty away from hordes of tourists, while enjoying the ocean, then you've found your romantic getaway mecca in the hidden gem that is Islamorada.

Cozy romantic getaways with HomeExchange

City adventures

Nightlife, crowds, entertainment and more - that's what the city offers.

New York City, New York - It would be remiss to leave this iconic locale off a list of romantic weekend getaways. No need to sell city-lovers on this spot. Just know that with HomeExchange finding lodging in NYC can still be an attainable romantic weekend getaway for you and your special someone!

"The Holiday" home swap experience

Sure, you could stay at a hotel or resort during your weekend getaway. But part of the fun of visiting a new place is experiencing all that your chosen destination has to offer. Skip the "tourist" route with HomeExchange. Enjoy your vacation spot like a local. As a bonus, this option is far more affordable.

Enrich your relationship with an affordable romantic weekend (or 20). HomeExchange makes it possible.

The principle of home exchanging is simple: swap your home with someone else and enjoy the wonders of each other's city! HomeExchange also has a points exchange system, offering even more flexibility to members and facilitating non-reciprocal exchanges. Learn more about GuestPoints here.

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