Nothing’s better than going on vacation with your dog: The joy of getting to discover new locations together, to walk them in a new park or along a beach in a country neither of you have been to. However, it’s not always feasible to bring your dog with you on a trip. The good news? HomeExchange is full of dog lovers that will not only treat your home as if it were their own, but will also care for your dog like they were their ver own pet. Check out these stories below from HomeExchangers who traveled with their dogs, or helped look after their host’s pups while on vacation.

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“We loved taking care of Winston, a friendly doodle, when spending a weekend on the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland last year in May.
Winston allowed us to play fetch and yeah, ended up on the bed at night (how could we say no?)☺️” - Sherry


“The home was beautiful and had a wonderful yard! It also had a separate room for an office which was so helpful since I had some work to finish up. And, we got to dogsit their two pups! I brought my dog, too. It felt like hosting a doggy day care :)” - Joyce


“I discovered the beautiful Parisian suburb of Fontenay-Sous-Bois, and ran with my dog everyday in the nearby Bois de Vincennes” - Anne


“We got to explore all of Santa Barbara (mountains/beach/wine/food) and were very close to the beach. I was able to bring my dog, Penny, and she LOVED exploring the coastline!” - Shelley


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“It was the sweetest home and I took care of their bunny. I was able to bring my dog as well. They had amazing views and were walking distance to the adorable town.” - Bobbi


“We took a gondola ride up the mountain with our dogs, hiked, ate in the two mountain tea houses.” - Terry


“All our guests have offered to look after our dog during our exchanges and we have some great photos of the guests out enjoying life with our dog happily beside them.” - Angela


“A single mom from France was desperate to find something for her and her two girls, but our home was not available and she was short on points. We offered to host them for less points in our kids' rooms while we were also home. We got along great, her kids loved our dog, and they said they preferred us being there over an empty house because we gave them a lot of tips on how to explore LA on a budget.” - Karin


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Now that you’ve heard from these members about their dogs with them when swapping homes and of them taking excellent care of their host’s pets while on vacation, what are you waiting for? Grab your leash, treats, squeaky toys, suitcase, and head out on your next getaway!