The excitement of going away on vacation is generally amazing. Sometimes though, planning our travels and enjoying vacations can be overshadowed by the thought of leaving our animal friends. Between feeling guilty about not being able to always bring them along, to worrying about finding someone to care for them, some people decide to forego travel altogether.

HomeExchange however is an amazing solution for in-home overnight pet-sitting that is worth considering for any pet parent. Read on to find out more about its many perks, including ensuring our domestic animals are loved and cared for while we're away.

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HomeExchange Offers In-Home Overnight Pet Sitting

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Searching for "overnight pet sitting in my home" but put off by the pricing or offer? You've come to the right place, because for starters HomeExchange is the most affordable alternative for in-home overnight petsitting. In fact, once you have paid the annual fee of $220, exchanges are free and unlimited, meaning there is no added cost for this feature as long as your HomeExchange guests are okay with it.

Many members are more than just okay with it though, they actually look forward to caring for your pets while you're away and the home away from home feeling a furry friend or otherwise can bring to their exchange experience. In addition, many of them are looking for a host to exchange with that will look after their own pets, so reciprocal care feels reassuring knowing their own animals will be looked after.

This reciprocal exchange is a great way to unite animal lovers, while offering pets the comfort of staying in an environment they're familiar with while all their needs are met. While you can also set up exchanges that will accept your pets, there are many reasons we might prefer to leave them behind for their own wellbeing, and HomeExchange pet-sitting makes this possible.

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How Overnight Pet Sitting in My Home Works with HomeExchange

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Once you've signed up for HomeExchange free and easy, you'll create your home listing. In addition to all the rest of the relevant information, you'll want to go into into the "Lifestyle" section of "My home", where can select the button "Dog to feed" or "Cat to feed". If you have any other type of pets, for example chickens, fish, etc. be sure to mention it in your home description.

Potential exchangers may or not be open to caring for pets in your absence, but those who are will know before even proposing an exchange. One you start considering a possible exchange, you can talk in detail about their pet experience and knowledge and decide if they are right for caring for your pet while you're away. You can even read reviews and recommendations from past hosts who they pet sat for.

Be sure to also discuss all the relevant details regarding your pets before finalizing the exchange. Make sure they have all the logistical information like where to find their food, how often they eat, if they need any medication, their favorite activities and habits, as well as an emergency vet contact in the unlikely even this should be needed.

If you don't want to do an immediate reciprocal exchange, that's no problem at all. You can host guests in your home anytime you travel to look after your animals. Not only will you pay nothing at all, you will also accumulate GuestPoints that you can use for your future travels in the network. In other words, it's almost like you get paid for hosting a petsitter!

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Testimonies from HomeExchange Members on Overnight Pet-Sitting

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Thinking of using HomeExchange for overnight pet-sitting? See what some members are saying about their experience with guests looking after their own animals and carrying for host's beloved pets:

"This is a win-win way to travel. You´ll feel at home in a foreign place, ready to explore the surroundings. At the same time someone is taking care of your own home, plants and pets.
We love it." - Lotte, Denmark

"My experience to date has been great. I have many inquires and many bookings. The quest have all been good people who take care of my home and pets. " - Terry USA

“I have been using home exchange for almost 6 years now. It has been such a wonderful way to travel having 3 kids and a house with pets. It completely transformed our travel experience with little ones. It was so great to exchange with another family who fed our kitty and watered our plants and we did the same for them." - Krista, USA

"We’ve had exchangers take care of our 2 small dogs on occasion, and have taken care of other’s pets. Though this is a negotiable feature, it works great for us." - Judy, USA

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We think you'll find that there are many animal lovers in the HomeExchange network that will be more than just willing to look after your pet, they'll truly find it a real plus adding to the delight of their HomeExchange experience. After all, what better way to be welcomed in your home than by your animal friends to show them around? For in-home overnight petsitting, the answer is HomeExchange!

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